Iwatani 35fw portable butane stove review – The best portable butane stove


Cooking has and will always be an integral part of our lives. People who love to cook need a good stove that will enhance their culinary skills to create mouth watering dishes. A portable stove is an ideal choice that will aid in picnics, camping, or easy demands of cooking/heating in diverse situations. Iwatani Corporation of America (a subsidiary of the Iwatani Group of Japan) offers consumer products including portable stoves that will make the cooking easier and enjoyable. Among the diverse product range, iwatani 35fw portable butane stove is an ideal choice for moms who follow a tight schedule


It is a reliable stove with simple units that are good and durable. So, the parts can run for a long time eliminating the chances of failure. It has a patented heat panel system that helps in drawing heat from the center flame to the canister (butane). It maintains the precise pressure constantly while the fuel consumption will optimize the output. Effective utilization of the entire can of butane leaves no residual fuel, which ensures greater environmental and economic standards. It allows cooking with the following materials;

  • Season pans made of carbon steel, copper, etc. can get hot without emitting carcinogenic smoke from the stove.

  • Cooking with non-induction type cookware is easier with the stove as it has fast heat transfer.

  • It is efficient as an emergency kit during natural disasters as it allows outdoor cooking of healthy food.


  • It provides 15,000 BTU/hr

  • Aluminum body construction

  • It has a magnetic locking system

  • It comes with a double windbreaker

  • It has a patented heat panel

  • It comes with Piezoelectric ignition

  • The brass burner has a solid design

  • It comes with carrying case

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Whats in the box – Iwatani 35fw Unboxed

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Pros of the iwatani 35fw portable butane stove

The portable butane stove is an ideal product that can reduce the cooking time and save energy effectively as it comes with the following positive features;

  • High Power

The stove has Iwatani advanced technology that can produce 15,000 BTU/hr output power. So, it can help cook steaks or stir-fry with ease. It produces a lot of power compared to the natural gas stoves making it an ideal partner for good food.

  • The piezoelectric igniter

With the piezoelectric igniter, no separate lighter is required that will save the battery costs for the lighter. It sparks to ignite the butane when the burner’s dial is rotated that deforms the ceramic. So, it is a reliable and safe igniter that will work for a long time.

  • Magnetic Locking System

The stove replaces the locking levers with Iwatani System that will simply push the fuel onto the magnet. So, loading the fuel canister incorrectly is avoided effectively with the security lock system that makes it safer to use.

  • Double Windbreaker

It is a special feature that will protect the flame from air conditioning or wind. Therefore, it has the perfect design for commercial indoor use or outdoor use.

  • Patented Heat Panel System

The iwatani 35fw portable butane stove has a patented heat panel system that can maintain the constant pressure that will help with consistent output. It will enhance the efficiency of the stove as it can utilize the entire butane fuel canister without leaving any residual fuel. So, it will ensure greater economy, safety, and greener environment.

  • Special Safety Features

It comes with several safety features like;

  • Pressure Sensing device: It has an advanced regulator design that can sense the pressure to shut off the butane automatically if the pressure increases to unsafe levels. It will extinguish the flame to ensure the safety.

  • Pressurized receiving guide: The receiving guide of the regulator has two sizes zero rings built to provide double protection. So, it aids in offering the stove’s regulator and canister an airtight seal.

  • Canister Setting Safety Device: It is the feature that will eliminate unintentional escaping of gas through the burner without ignition as the canister cannot be attached to the stove in ON position.

  • Inverted Drip Pan Preventing Device: The features protect the stove that will not allow the drip pan to set level while it is inverted.

  • CSA approved

It is CSA approved, so it maintains highest standards of safety that will ensure peace of mind while using it.

Cons of the Iwatani 35fw portable butane stove

Like any product, it also has some drawbacks that every user needs to know;

  • The butane stove’s piping can get clogged with use that can decrease the output considerably.

  • It costs slightly higher than the other models found in the market.

  • It does not have a manual lever to disconnect the canister as people have to use their hands to move the canister for the magnetic lock to release it.


It is easy to use, simple to maintain, and effective gas stove that can make the cooking time exciting. It transforms the boring chore to exciting time as it saves energy, time, and exertion. Make cooking a breeze with the portable butane stove with special safety features that ensure safety and effectiveness.

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Portable Butane Stove and Indian Cooking

Though the first stove was developed in the UK in the 1820s, Indian household starting embracing it only in the 1990s. Wood and crop waste was the primary fuel for Indian cooking that has changed over the years. The Indian kitchen has revamped its face with Gas stoves that has cut down space as well as energy use. Indians have now embraced the butane stove, which leaves less carbon print on the environment. It has enhanced the effectiveness and aesthetics of the kitchen that has optimized the Indian kitchen standards. So, people prefer an easy cooking process that gives them the freedom to enjoy it. The portable butane stoves meet the requirements of the consumer precisely to give them an enjoyable cooking experience. It is now an integral part of the Indian modular kitchen but also has several uses. The portable stove is beneficial in the following circumstances;

  • It is helpful during a power outage as it aids in warming of food, infant formula, boil water, etc. with minimum power. It can get hot very fast that can avoid any inconvenience.

  • It is an ideal partner to take along for a picnic, camping, or cook-outs as it has a powerful design. The stable and wind-resistant feature works better than the backpacking stoves as it performs like a gas stove.