Best Gas Grills under 500$ review

The Best Gas Grill under 500$ in the Market

Gas grills are perfect for celebrating outdoor dinners and is an entertaining must have. There are some of the high quality and best gas grill under 500$, perfect for home use. It is a great way to start a party and keep the environment lit up. It is a perfect way to set up a party at the yard area for a barbecue. It is important to do your research properly and invest in gas grill that has good features.

It is important to consider how many square inches are available for cooking, side burners for food preparation and heat production before making the purchase. This guide will help you make the best choice.

Buying Guide for Gas Grills

There are certain factors that one needs to consider before investing in a gas grill. Here is a perfect buying guide with all the factors to ponder upon:

  • Cooking Area – This is definitely the most important factor to consider before purchasing the gas grill. It is basically the square inches of space available for grilling and cooking. The larger is the cooking space; the more food it can accommodate. Apart from the primary cooking area, the warming or secondary space is also very important.
  • Construction of Grill – The construction and design of the gas grill is very important. Stainless bodies of the grill are best as they make it resistant to weather conditions and rusting. Consider light weight grills with wheels so that you can easily move them from one place to another. Also, grills with porcelain cooking grates are better as it is easy to them clean up.
  • Easy to start – Technology has developed a lot and with twist start ignition, it becomes easy to start the grill. It is always recommended to buy a gas grill which can be started or ignited with a simple push button. The knobs for each of the burner should be controlled with a simple twist. This helps in controlling the temperature.
  • Additional features – Some additional features that make it convenient to use the grill. It is best to buy a gas grill which has an in-built thermometer so that it can keep a check on the temperature. An in-built bottle opener though not necessary, comes in handy when opening bottles during your soiree. The side-preparation rack is a great feature and this gives additional space for preparing the food before and after grilling.

Top 3 Gas Grill contenders

#1: Classic 360 3 – Burner Propane Based Gas Grill by Char Boil

This Gas Grill by Char Boil is one of the best and affordable entries that extend innovative outdoor cooking. With all the features, it is one of the top selling American gas grill brands. With the 3 burner grill, it produces even heat across all the three tube burners present. The porcelain coated grates makes it resistant to hot temperature and easy to clean. It includes large metal shelves along with lidded side burners that makes the process of grilling convenient.

It has a total cooking area of 545 square inches with primary cooking area measuring 380 square inches and the raised secondary area up to 174 square inch. It is one of the best and reliable gas grills in the entry level. The ease of use, cleaning and warranty makes it an incredible choice.


  • A total of 36,000 total BTU’s of heating power is produced by the three stainless steel tubular burners.
  • Each of the three burners has their independent temperature control and hence it can be controlled separately.
  • The primary cooking space is around 360 square inches and is porcelain coated. It is spacious enough to accommodate at least 15 burgers.
  • The secondary cooking area is provided by the swing away warming rack measuring 170 square and is ideal for toasting.
  • It is easy to start the gas grill by simply pushing the Piezo push button. The Piezo ignition system is reliable and fast that starts up the burner in seconds.
  • The fixed shelves on the side provide ample space for the preparation.
  • The body of the gas grill is made of powder coated steel sheet metal along with the frame made from plastic side tables.
  • The inline burners are made of stainless steel which makes it durable and gives a long lasting performance.
  • Easy to move with two 6-inches wheels making it a convenient choice for outdoor cooking.
  • It includes porcelain-coated steel lid and firebox which makes the gas grill strong and durable against adverse weather conditions.


  • Easy to use and is switched on by simply pushing the Piezo push ignition button.
  • Highly mobile and easy to move around with help of two 6-inches wheels.
  • Large cooking space area of around 360 square inches coated in porcelain for ease of cooking and cleaning.
  • Two burners in primary cooking area distribute 20,000 BTU of heat whereas the side burner delivers 8,000 BTU’s of heat.
  • Due to the porcelain coating, it is easy to clean off the grease and dirt from the surface of the gas grill after cooking is done.


  • There are some complaints regarding uneven distribution of the heat which makes it a problem for cooking.
  • Temperature is lower on the front and is slightly high in the back.
  • Constant rotation and monitoring of the grilling product is required for even cooking on all sides.


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#2: Spirit II E-310 Sapphire LP Gas Grill by Weber

The Gas Grill by Weber is one of the most preferred brands for the array of features it provides at a cost effective rate. It is a 3-burner spirit gas grill with a large cooking space of 529 – square inch that is perfect for a family outdoor dinner. It is able to produce around 30,000 BTUs of heat. The grill can be turned out with simple ignition button and runs on propane. It also has a fuel gauge which shows the amount of propane available.

The meat, burger or any food item that is grilled on the gas grill gets a great flavor as the flavorizer bars manage the grease and the smoke evaporated from it, adding to the flavor of the food. There is a collection tray that collects the remaining grease and prevents any fires associated with grease. The gas grill has a porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates that helps in making the grill durable and easy to clean. The primary cooking area is 424 square inches and the warming rack or secondary space is 105 square inches.


  • Power GS4 grilling system powers the gas grill with its innovative technology. It includes four key elements which includes the infinity ignition, powerful burner, flavorizer bar and the efficient grease management system. The system is designed for even grilling, ease of use and hassle free cleaning up.
  • The Infinity Ignition is easy to use and helps in igniting the grill with just one push. It is backed with 10 years of warranty.
  • Flavorizer bar ensures that the smoke from the grease adds flavor to the grilled food. The juices missed by the flavor bar moves into the grease management system that prevents grill flare-up.
  • Cooking grates are made of porcelain-enameled cast iron which helps in cooking and grilling a large number of food items.
  • The folding side table can be used when it is required and gives an extra space to work with the preparation.
  • The side tables have integrated hooks to keep platters, tools and other seasoning products for use during cooking.


  • It has a large primary cooking area of 424 square inches that fits in a large amount of food and an extra warming rack of 105 square inches.
  • The porcelain cooking grates makes it easy to cook and clean up while the stainless body makes the stand more durable.
  • Battery powered push button starter makes it easy to start the gas grill for use.
  • The fuel gauge is easy to read and located next to the gas tank. The gas tank can be conveniently mounted to the outside of the grill making it easy to be accessed and removed.


  • Maneuvering and using the wheels at times can be slightly difficult, especially for the first time users.
  • A few users also complaint of uneven distribution of heat along the cooking surface and requirement to manually turn the food.


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#3: CGG-7400 4-Burner Gas Grill by Cuisinart

The 4-Burner gas grill by Cuisinart is the perfect gas grill that consists of 4 individually controllable burners. The grill is able to produce 44,000 BTU’s of heat which is evenly distributed across the cooking surface. The cooking surface is around 486 square inches and along with that there is an additional space of 202 square inches. The gas grill is equipped with better control over the heat with four temperature knobs. It is perfect for grilling and cooking a number of foods like fish, meat, shrimps etc.

The grill is designed integrated with advanced technology and thoughtfully crafted. The body of the gas grill is made of stainless steel that is protected against adverse weather condition and resistant to rust. The ignition can be started with a simple twist start that controls the temperature accordingly. It has wheels on the cart and this makes it ideal for mobility.


  • It has a four-burner cooking space that is large and accommodates a lot of food to be cooked. It has cast iron cooking grate that retains the heat for longer time. The primary cooking area is around 443 square inches and warming rack or secondary space is around 167 square inches.
  • The warming rack is perfect addition as it helps to keep the food warm for a longer time even after it is cooked. It is perfect for keeping grilled food.
  • It provides maximum heat control through the easily adjustable knobs. This helps in managing the temperature where one area can be kept warm whereas the other can be heated up.
  • The gas grill has a stainless steel construction and certain parts are even finished with enamel paint. This makes the grill resistant to weather conditions and rust.
  • It does not require matches or lighters to start the ignition. The burner lights easily with a simple twist. Each of the knobs gives perfect control of the flame ranging from high heat to low simmer.
  • It is a heavy duty construction along with wheels and this supports the grill at the ideal height it is at. This helps in easy transportation of the gas grill.
  • It has an in-built thermometer which is very useful for checking the temperature of the grill while roasting and helps in maintenance of uniform temperature.
  • It also has an in-built bottle opener to open bottles instantly. The two side prep tables makes it convenient to prepare or garnish food.


  • Stainless steel construction ensures that it is resistant to adverse conditions and rust, increasing its longevity.
  • The one twist start ignition helps in starting the heat and flame instantly. Each of the burner can be lit up independently and each knob gives accurate control.
  • It has a large primary cooking area of 443 square inches and a warming rack as secondary space measuring 167 square inches.
  • The in-built thermometer and bottle opener are two additional advantages of purchasing the gas grill.


  • The grill is unable to retain heat but due to no cast iron and non-stick material, it is not able to do so.
  • Slightly complicated to handle and take care of all the screws.

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If regularly have friends over then it goes without saying that investing in a quality gas grill is a fantastic idea for you. It is not easy to decide which grill to buy with the market flooded with so many products. Picking up the right grill that is equipped with great features and affordable can be a tough choice to make.

This buying guide on the best gas grill under $500 is what you need to read to choose the right product. A grill is a perfect starter to a great party and entertains the entire guest with some amazing barbequed and smoked food.