Top 10 Common Hazards in the kitchen and how to avoid them 


The most versatile room in a home or a building hands down.

One cannot fathom how intricate and well organized a kitchen should be in order for it to work, and if the kitchen doesn’t work, the whole house cease to be lively.

There is always something special about the place, it the place where produce meets culinary arts to make something delicious and beautiful.

Never mind the ignorant, only the blessed can see a kitchen for what it truly stands for!But then again it surely brings its share of hazards to the house.

So for all the mums out there, and to the gloating dads who thinks washing a spoon is itself a herculean task, we bring you 10 Common Hazards in the kitchen and how to avoid them.

1) Slippery And Wet Floors: 

Everybody is familiar with this particular hazard, but then again why are so many accidents happen due this very reason every single day?

The reason is simple, we postpone the task of cleaning the floor to the very last to see ourselves fall and get hurt. Clean the floor from spills, oils and fats as soon as they come to avoid such instances.

2) Unattended Gas Fire:

When you are cooking, distractions keeps coming from all sides. But when a burner is in use, you should not leave the fire unattended.

This is the sole reason to a large percentage of home fires in the country.

3) Knifes: Water, fire and then comes knife.

Cuts and lacerations are the usual song inside of a kitchen. But then again there are chefs who can slide and dice swiftly without a single scratch on their skin.

So technique does determine the outcome, with so many tutorials available online, you can easily perfect your technique to slice and dice like a pro!

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4) High Shelves: We mums are not clumsy but we are sure are not ninjas!

Always be careful when you step onto an elevation to reach the high shelves. Always balance yourselves and make sure that the footings are well planted on the ground.

5) Germs and Bacteria: Yes, these uninvited guests can surely give you a bad day.

Cleanliness is something the kitchen yearns for, it’s always a win-win. Germs like salmonella and norovirus can affect your health in a really bad way.

Keep a disinfector handy to end the day clean and tidy.

6) The Power Lines: When you connect many different appliances to the same socket simultaneously, it increases the load on the wires.

This process can escalate to such an extent that the wires heat up and worst case scenario – Fire.

Do not overload circuits and use heavy duty circuitry for your kitchen wiring purposes.

7) Grease and Moisture: Check the underside of the cooktops and in between creases to clean grease and moisture from those hard to get places.

These hotspots becomes the breeding ground for various hazardous diseases, again cleanliness is the key.

8) Improper Food Storage: Have you ever heard of cross contamination? This is a process that happens when you place different kinds of meat adjacent to each other without proper sealing.

This leads to the meat going stale and poisonous in nature.

9) Synthetic Clothes: Synthetic clothes that you wear everyday might be comfortable but they aren’t the best match for kitchen.

This is because in the event of a fire, if the fire gets on to your cloth, the synthetic material won’t burn away.

They melt and sticks to the skin, causing high temperature burn to your dermis. Always prefer to wear cotton as it won’t melt and you can easily get out of it.

10) Heavy lifting: Sprains and muscle strain happen a lot when you try to do heavy lifting in the kitchen. Also,avoid such practices inside the kitchen because it is not at all safe.

Always seek help if you need such a task done inside the kitchen and never couple weight lifting with elevated surfaces like chairs to reach higher into the cupboards.

And there you go! The top 10 health hazards in the kitchen that I’m sure plagues almost all kitchen out there in one way or another. A pristine kitchen shouts of class and finesse. Remember these points in mind while you enter your kitchen next time!