Best Curtis Stone Durapan review – The best nonstick durapan cookware reviewed

Every dish you prepare deserves a lot of love, enthusiasm, and attention to make it great. And that means as a Chef you don’t have the time to be quarrelling with your tools, but instead you need to focus on what’s important, the meal.

I don’t know about you, but nothing frustrates me more when I’m cooking than having to think about food sticking to the dishes. Not only does this present a nightmare when cleaning, but it also steals away a sizeable portion of the beautiful flavor and juices from the meal.

It’s therefore a nobrainer that one of my top priorities when shopping for Cookware is that they be nonstick, easy to clean and safe. And the Curtis Stone Durapan set is just the thing!

The Curtis Stone Durapan was released by the world renown young Australian Chef Curtis Stone. He is known to craft his cookware with the user’s needs in mind thus each piece is designed to perfection to make cooking fun and save time.

The Curtis Stone Durapan 13-piece Chef’s Cookware set has a wide range of sizes and lids that are designed to fit several pans.

This cookware is multifunctional and has a colorful finish that allows it to conveniently transition to a serving dish once you’re done the cooking. It comes in red, black, turquoise Blue, Stone Gray, and White.

Features of Curtis Stone Cookware

The Curtis Stone Durapans are available in varying packages with different pans in each set. You can also get individual pieces for some of the pans.

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Vented Lids

The vented lids are quite durable, and safe to use in ovens since they can stand high temperatures of up to 350 degrees.

Having been made of made of tempered glass they allow you to monitor the food as it cooks without losing heat. The excess steam is released through the built-in vent.

Versatile lids

The lids are interchangeable between the cookware. This means that the eight inches strainer lid will be used on the eight inches fry pan and the 2 qt. saucier; the eleven inches tempered glass lid will be used on the eleven inches fry pan, 4 qt.

Everyday sauté pan and 5 qt. Dutch oven; and the eleven inches domed lid will be used on the eleven inches fry pan, 4 qt. Everyday sauté pan, and 5 qt. Dutch oven.

Works great on all Cooktops

The body of each and every piece of this super-versatile cookware set is made of heavy-duty forged aluminum with a stainless steel disc-based thus it works perfectly on a wide range of cooktops including electric glass or ceramic top, electric radiant ring, halogen, electric solid plate, and gas-burner.

The stainless base of Curtis Stone cookware is compatible even with induction-ready cooktops and cookware that apply an efficient and unique magnetic heating technology.

Sticking a magnet at the bottom of the durapan makes it induction ready. You should not slide and drag the cookware over cooktops since this could damage its surface.

Safe for use in the oven up to 450 degrees F.

Who Curtis Stone Cookware is for

This cookware set is as Curtis Stone rightly puts it is for people who care about Making mealtime a fun and relaxing experience.

It’s a one-time purchase that will get you all the pans and pots you need to make almost any type of meal. So wether you’re looking to stock up your kitchen cookware or to replace your one’s, this set is definitely for you.

Set up your kitchen for successful cooking and cleaning thereafter.

Pros of Durapans

  • Durable and very stylish.

The durapan technology outperforms other nonstick technologies out there while still maintaining a stylish look that will go well in any kitchen.

  • Easy to clean.

The durapans are very easy to hand wash or clean in a dishwasher since the food does not stick, and means there’s WAY less cleanup involved, saving you tons of time in the long run.

  • Nice and Light

Did I mention how great the pans look when you hang them on the rack. It makes the kitchen look much better and professional.

Also, the skillets are light in weight, and don’t we all love light pans that we can easily move around the stove to get those spices mixed up especially when sauting.

Cons of Durapans

  • The main challenge for us is with the lighter colored pieces particularly for the sets with white exterior, they need some extra attention when cleaning to avoid their discoloration.
  • This may not necessarily be a con to the product but rather a caution, Curtis Stone state that their durapans are metal-utensil safe, and there has been no claims otherwise.

We do however, advice that you use plastic, silicone and wooden utensils just as you would with other nonstick cookware sets in order to prolong the life of the titanium nonstick coat if you do not want to gouge the nonstick surface. Avoid using knives to cut food in the pan, and sharp-edged tools.

Alternative Products

If the durapan is not for you, I’d actually recommend this T-fal Titanium nonstick cookware set, which gets raving reviews for its efficiency.

Another good alternative is this Cuisinart Multiclad Stainless Steel Cookware Set, which isn’t non-stick in nature but is a great and easy to clean cookware set all the same.

Final Opinion

The Curtis Stone Durapan Cookware is such a perfect choice for anyone who cooks regularly. It saves time and energy since it cooks much faster with the help of the Durapan Technology and looks gorgeous in any kitchen.

It could be a great gift for your wife or friend who loves cooking.

Whatever its for; personal use or as a gift. I definitely recommend it.

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What’s in the Curtis Stone Dura-Pan 10-piece Cookware Set?

  • The Eight inches (8″) Fry pan that has a diameter of 8.25”, a height of 1.72″, and a riveted Y handle of 6.75″
  • The eleven inches (11″) Fry pan that has a diameter of 11.375″ , a height of 2.125″, and a riveted Y handle of 7.75″
  • 1 qt. Saucier pan that has a diameter of 5.875″ , a height of 3″, and a riveted Y handle of 6.75″
  • 2 qt. Saucier pan plus a strainer lid. It has a diameter of 8.25″ , a height of 2.75″, and a riveted Y handle of 7.75″
  • 4 qt. Everyday sauté pan plus lid. It has a diameter of 11.375″ , a height of 7.5″, and a helper handle of 1.75″
  • 5 qt. Dutch oven plus domed lid. It has a diameter of 11″ , a height of 3.5″, and side handles
  • Use and care sheet
  • Ten Curtis Stone recipe cards
  • Manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty