Best grill covers review

Comprehensive Guide and Review for the Best Grill Covers

Grill covers are the best products you can invest in to protect your grill from the harsh environment. The best grill covers are mostly made out of polyester or oxford fabric which gives them the required toughness to protect the grill from water, dust, wind, and other damaging impacts. They are elegantly designed to cover the entire grill and are easy to use and clean as well. Handles attached to these covers make it easy to transport the grill while packed inside the cover.

Due to their heavy duty material and easy to use capability, the grill covers can even be used to carry the grill for your adventure and camping trips. If you are looking for the best grill covers then this guide will help you in picking one for yourself.

Buying Guide for Grill Covers

There are many options available in the market for buying grill covers. Gone are the days when people used to use sheets and clothing to cover grills, newer and more cost-effective designs have come up to protect the grills. The best grill covers are robust in design and create a water and wind resistant protective layer to maintain the sanctity of the grill.

Some of the features that you should consider while buying a grill cover are:

Heavy Duty Material – Most of the grill covers are made from polyester fabric with PVC layer. This ensures protection during any season of the year. The PVC layer provides water, dust, rip and UV resistant as well. This keeps the grill safe from the sun, rain, wind, and dust ingestion.

Convenient Handle and Straps – The grill cover must have straps or double handles on the sides which makes it easy to remove or cover the grill. Straps help in fastening the cover to the grill and securing it.

Compatible and Easy Storage – Generally the grills are huge in size, hence the cover should be big enough to cover it completely. Moreover, the cover should also be foldable for easy storage when not in use.

Top 6 Gas Grill Cover Reviews

#1: VicTsing 3-4 Burner Gas Grill Cover

This is a heavy-duty grill cover that fits most of the brands like Holland, Brinkmann, Jenn Air etc. the grill is made out of polyester fabric which is a durable material and can protect your grill from nature’s forces like rain, wind, sun, storm etc. Its design is sturdy and compact which makes it portable to use. Moreover, the addition of straps on the cover gives you more control while handling it. This product comes with a 12-month worry-free guarantee.


  1. Elegant and durable design – The grill cover is compact and designed elegantly with a 6000D polyester hydrophobic fabric that makes it resistant to dust, water, and rip. The interior seam strength and high-density stitching further enhance its durability.
  2. PVC layer for protection – The PVC layer coating is waterproof and protects the grill from UV rays as well. Hence the cover will be resistant to wind, water, and sun.
  3. Handling Convenience – This grill cover is easy to wash and can be dried in the sun. The double handles present on both the sides of the cover make it easy to cover or remove from the grill. The straps can be used to fasten it to the base and the side closure straps secure the grill and cover it from all around.


  • The reinforced stitching and bound edges make it rip resistant.
  • A compact and portable design makes it a perfect companion for outdoor activities, camping, etc.
  • PVC layer protects it from UV rays and water.
  • The straps and handles on the sides provide better handling control during removing or covering the grill.


  • Difficulty in retaining the shine when it is extensively used outdoors.
  • In high windy regions, the cover can wear faster.

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#2: Homitt Gas Grill Cover

This Homitt grill cover is made out of the heavy duty 600D Oxford fabric which is weather, water, and rip resistant. It fits most of the grill brands like Brinkmann, Jenn Air, etc. Its design is compact, durable, and sturdy which makes it easy to work with. The addition of handles and straps further enhance the durability of this cover and make it usable in outdoors by providing better handling control. This product comes with a 12-month warranty and 60 days’ money back guarantee as well.


  1. Heavy Duty Material – This grill cover is made with a 600D Oxford fabric with PVC and durable sewing. This gives it a sturdy and durable design and hence it can be used during all the seasons to protect the grill. The PVC layer is water resistant and durable sewing makes it rip resistant. In addition to water resistance, this cover also protects the grill from dust, leaves, UV rays etc.
  2. Easy to use – There are hooks, loop straps, and handles on both the sides that make it easy for the cover to match the frill tighter. Handles further help with maneuverability. The hook and the loops can be fastened during the windy season to protect the grill.
  3. Compact size – A storage bag comes with the grill cover and it can be used to store the cover when not in use due to its compact design.


  • 600D Oxford fabric makes it durable and resistant to wind, water, and dust.
  • PVC layer protects the cover from water, leaves, UV rays, etc.
  • The hooks, straps, and handles, provide better control while working with the grill cover.
  • A portable design makes it suitable for outdoor or indoor activities.


  • The cover can fade with continuous outside usage under the Sun.
  • The piping along the seam also falls apart with extensive usage.

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#3: Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Grill Cover

This grill cover is made with an elegant water-resistant fabric top having a protective waterproof backing and a protective dark splash guard skirt. This design also has interior bound seams to enhance the strength of the cover. The padded handles provide more support and improve maneuverability. It is available in 140 different shapes and can easily fit any grill size as per your requirement. Moreover, it is compact in size and has an aesthetic look as well.


  1. Gardelle Fabric System – The fabric used to manufacture this grill cover is water-repellent and has a resistant laminated backing to protect the grill from the harsh environment. The protective dark splash guard skirt further improves the durability of this grill cover.
  2. Air Vents, Padded Handles & Straps – The incorporation of air vents in the cover reduce wind lofting and inside condensation. The padded handles help in easy fitting and removal from the grill. The click-close straps snap over legs or wheels to provide more support on windy days.
  3. Storage Pocket – A storage pocket is also added in the cover which can be used to carry or store the grill tools while taking the grill outdoors or camping.
  4. Custom fit cover – The elastic hem cord has toggles to get a tight fit on the grill.


  • Meets the California Prop 65 compliance for health and safety.
  • Gardelle fabric system provided protection from harsh environments like rainy days, snowy days, windy days etc.
  • Laminated layers are water resistant and make the cover more durable.
  • Padded handles and click-close straps improve the maneuverability of the cover.


  • The fabric quality and stitching at the edges aren’t of high quality and the cover starts cracking on extensive usage.
  • Not designed to entirely cover the wheels or legs.

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#4: Char Broil Performance Grill Cover

This portable, lightweight and compact grill cover is designed to fit 5, 6 or 7 burner gas grills, charcoal grills, and smokers up to 72 inches wide. It is made of heavy duty 18mil polyester fabric that has a protective layer for weather and UV resistance. The seams are sealed to provide water resistance. The adjustable side straps provide a more secure and custom fit with the grill. This product comes in multiple sizes with a 2-year fade-free warranty as well.


  1. Heavy Duty Material – The 18mil polyester fabric material is used to make this grill cover. This material is sturdy and weather and wind resistant. The protective layer coating further enhances the durability of the cover by providing water, rip, and UV resistance. The grill will be completely safe inside this cover.
  2. Compact fit – The longer side straps can be adjusted to create a tight and secure fit for the grill. This ensures protection on windy days. Moreover, the side straps and hooks make it easy to work with the cover in outdoors or at a camping site.
  3. Easy to use – Due to its compact size and design it is easy to clean and wash the cover. It can also be dried in the sun and stored in its storage bag when not in use.


  • Heavy duty material design makes it durable for protecting the grill.
  • The protective layer provides water and UV resistance.
  • Hooks and handles make its maneuverability and handling simple and easy.
  • Can fit multiple grills with a single design as the adjustable straps provide a compact fit.


  • The grill cover has a low shelf life and gets torn faster and holes can be seen on the cover.
  • Extensive usage in the Sun can cause fading.
  • Only rated Medium Duty.

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#5: UNICOOK Heavy Duty Waterproof 2 Burner Gas Grill Cover

The UNICOOK grill cover is made with the new generation fade resistant fabric with a vinyl coating that resists rains, UV, tears, cracking, and rips. This keeps the grill safe and secure against the sun, snow, rain, wind, and dust. The adjustable straps securely fasten the cover around the grill to prevent slipping or blowing off. The fabric is durable and handling it is very simple and easy. This product is available at an inexpensive price in multiple shapes and sizes and comes with 90 days 100% money back and a 12-month guarantee.


  1. Fade Resistant Material – This grill cover is made with next-gen fade-resistant material that comes with a vinyl coating. This material is water repellent, UV resistant, and has a longer life due to its durability. The grill is secure from any harsh environment that it might have to face.
  2. Fabric Handles and Straps – The handles at the sides help in easy fitting and removing the cover from the grill effortlessly. The Velcro straps are adjustable and securely fasten the cover so that it doesn’t blow away. The strap can also be used to hold the cover at outdoor locations as well.
  3. Mesh Vents – The cover’s fabric has vents designed into it that work as an escape route of the inside moisture. This prevents the grill from molds and mildews.


  • The next generation fabric has a sturdy, durable, and a long-lasting life.
  • Features like straps, handles, hooks etc. make it easy to work with the cover.
  • Can be easily cleaned by using a water hose.
  • Fade-resistant even when used in hottest Sun.
  • Mesh vents help escape moisture and keep the grill safe from molds.


  • Doesn’t cover the wheel portion of the grill.
  • Tear-off can happen easily.

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#6: Kingkong Grill Cover

The Kingkong grill cover is made from a heavy duty 100% polyester fabric that protects the grill from harsh environmental conditions. Its design is durable and it is water, UV, rip and crack resistant. This grill cover also comes with barbecue tools like grill brush, tongs, cooking thermometer etc. The design is simple as well and it fits the grill nicely and is easy to clean. This grill cover is designed for all weather conditions. The addition of Velcro straps enhances the flexibility of the product. This grill cover is available for Weber series grills with a 3-year warranty.


  1. Heavy Duty Material – This grill cover is made from 100% polyester fabric which is a highly durable material and protects the grill from wind, rain, snow, sun, and dust. There is almost nil wear to the grill by covering it with this heavy duty material.
  2. Velcro Straps – To improve the handling and maneuverability of the grill cover, the adjustable Velcro straps are added on the sides for a custom fit to the grill. This also protects the cover from blowing away during windy days and the grill remains protected.
  3. Barbecue Tools – These tools are expensive and are separately sold. This grill cover comes with equipment like grill brush, tongs, cooking utensils, etc. to complement your barbecue requirements.


  • The heavy duty polyester is a durable and sturdy material which protects the grill nicely.
  • The stitching is of high quality and hence it doesn’t tear or crack.
  • UV protective material doesn’t let it fade easily.
  • Comes with grilling utensils, unlike other grill covers.
  • Velcro straps help with a secure and custom fit.


  • Only fits Weber 300 series grills.
  • Comes at an expensive price than other brand covers.

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The comprehensive buying guide with reviews and features of the best grill cover will make your job easier in making the right selection. All the above products in the review are tried and tested individually by experts and then the final list is compiled. Based on the features and pricing the VicTsing, the Kingkong and the Homitt grill covers are the best ones to choose. These are designed with the heavy duty polyester material which is weather resistant and is portable to be used easily in outdoors as well. Either of these grill covers would be a perfect protection option for your grill. Get a longer life for your grill by using these grill covers.