Best Infrared Grills review

Ultimate Guide the Best Infrared Grills of 2018

Infrared technology used for cooking and grilling has been more effective compared to the traditional convective way of preparing food. The technology solely works on the principle of heating food with radiant heat by inhibiting the creation of convection energy.

The best infrared grills in the market come with great warranty and helps in even distribution of the heat across the gas grill. With a ton of products available in the market, making the right decision becomes difficult but not anymore. If you are looking for a gas grill equipped with the latest infrared technology at an affordable price and good features, this is the guide that you need to read.

Buying Guide of Infrared Gas Grill

It is not easy to choose the best infrared gas grill from the market and takes a lot of research. Also, the choice of the purchase depends on the requirement. With the market flooded with hundreds of brands and variations, it is confusing to zero down on one that you need to buy. This buying guide will help you understand the features that are important to consider while purchasing an infrared gas grill.

Propane Gas – This is one of the most important considerations because a gas grill with propane tank makes it easily portable. There are many gas grills which run on both natural gas and propane and it can be switched whenever required.

System of heating – It is important to consider the technology that is used in initiating the heat. The Infrared technology is a great option for it evenly distributes the heat across the surface without leaving behind hot or cold spots.

Cooking surface – The material used for cooking surface is important consideration and there are different materials from which the grilling grates are designed. Always purchase a grill which is made of stainless steel as it prevents rusting and wearing off with porcelain coated grill grates. This helps in cleaning the grill easily.

Size of the grill – The grills come in different sizes depending on individual’s requirement. If you are looking for a family grill or something to carry around while travelling, purchase a grill that is compact, lightweight and small in size.

Burners and Accessories – The gas grills comes with different numbers of burners and it will take most of heat in the grill. The stainless steel burners are most durable and the number can be decided depending on the requirement. The side warming space must be convenient for preparation. The grill must include additional accessories like temperature gauge, side shelves, cart, side burner, etc.

Review of the 4 Best Infrared Grills

#1: TRU Infrared 450 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill by Char Broil

The gas grill is conveniently designed to run on propane and perfectly fits in the requirement for mid-size grilling arrangement. The TRU-infrared technology ensures even spreading of the heat and the temperature control cooks the food evenly. The formation of hot and cold spots on the cooking surface is prevented with use of the Infrared system.

The grill is a 3-burner gas grill with a one push electronic ignition button and is able to produce a side burning heat of around 10,000 BTU. The primary cooking surface measures 450 square inch while the warming side rack measures 150 square inch. The grates are made from porcelain making it easy to clean the surface. The sleek and stylish design with stainless steel burners makes it resistant to rusting and adverse environmental conditions.


  1. Infrared Cook Technology – The TRU Infrared cooking system ensures even cooking of the food through even spread of the heat without leaving any cold or hot spots on the cooking surface of the grill. It helps in controlling the temperature and supports faster cooking without use of much propane gas. Due to the even spreading of the heat across the grill top, it helps in producing more flavored food.
  2. Stylish and durable design – The gas grill is elegantly designed with the stainless steel burners preventing rusting and environmental damage. Porcelain coated grates add to the durability and helps in cleaning off the surface without much hassle. The two wheels help in better portability and the propane tank is hidden in the front panel. It has a 3-burner gas grill.
  3. Primary and warming space – The primary cook area measures 450 square inches while the warming side area measures 150 square inches. The side burner produces 10,000 BTU and it can be used for preparation for extra preparation and when not in use can be folded back creating more space.
  4. One switch ignition system – The Surefire ignition system is quite reliable and starts the burner with just one start up. It readily syncs with the burner.
  5. Temperature Gauge – The use of the temperature gauge helps in controlling the heat and temperature. The lid is easy to read on the gauge and has a durable porcelain coating.


  • Infrared cooking system ensures even heat distribution with temperature control system and enables quick cooking.
  • Strong and durable stainless steel construction with resistance to rusting and adverse temperature condition.
  • Easy portability with two large size wheels and front panel readily hides the propane tank.
  • Large primary cooking surface along with a warming and preparation area that can be folded back when not in use.
  • Control the temperature and heat with the easy to use temperature gauge system.


  • The instructions to fix the gas grill system are slightly complicated.
  • The coating of the non-sticky grill grate tends to flake off after using it for couple of times for grilling and cooking.


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#2: TRU Infrared Cooking system 300 2-burner Propane Gas Grill by Char Boil

The gas grill from Char Boil is elegantly designed with stainless steel burners and the grill grates coated in porcelain, adding to the durability and overall ease of use and cleaning. The 2-burner grill is a great for small family gathering and easily starts up by pushing the electronic ignition button.

It has a flexible and foldable side shelves to store and prepare the food with a primary cooking area of 300 square inch cooking surface. The gas grill is compact with two large wheels ensure better portability and an enclosed cabinet for storing small grilling accessories.


  1. TRU Infrared technology – The Infrared technology is extremely convenient and delivers even heat across the cooking surface with proper temperature control. It prevents formation of hot and cold spots on the surface of the grilling surface and spreads heat event by creating a barrier between the food and flame.
  2. Sleek and efficient design – The gas grill is designed in a durable manner through porcelain coated cooking grates that is resistant to rust and easy to clean. It has a 450 square inch primary cooking surface and 150 square meter porcelain coated warming rack.
  3. Side shelves and storage cabinets – The gas grill has metal based side shelves that can be used for working and preparation. The shelves can be folded when not in use and it can be easily mounted due to presence of Gear Trax. The enclosed storage cabinet hides the propane tank and can be used for storage of accessories used for grilling or tools.
  4. Temperature Gauge – A temperature gauge is used which is easy to read and helps in monitoring the temperature, controlling the heat and adjusting the cooking accordingly. The steel lid and the gauge have porcelain coating making it resistant to wear and tear.
  5. Instant one push electronic ignition – The Sunfire electronic ignition system is attached to the burner and helps in starting the system with just one push. The burner is activated by simply pushing the button.


  • Large primary cooking area along with smaller warming area conveniently used for preparation and warming of the food.
  • Even temperature controlled distribution of the heat with the in-built Infrared technology that helps in easy and even cooking of the food.
  • Instant one push electronic ignition that syncs with the system and helps in immediately starting the burner.
  • Large storage cabinets for keeping the grilling tools and hiding the propane tank located in the front.
  • Efficient design with stainless steel burner and porcelain coated grill grate that increases the durability. The temperature gauge helps to monitor the temperature and control it.


  • It is small and not suitable for larger gathering and events, perfect only for smaller families.


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#3: Grill 2 Go X200 TRU Infrared Propane Gas Grill by Char Boil

The gas grill stands out for being portable and the ease at which it can be carried around while travelling or moving from places. This is definitely a perfect buy if you intend to carry it while your travel. The TRU infrared technology enables even and perfect distribution of the heat that cooks the food rightly within less time and reduces formation of hot and cold spots on the cooking space.

The durable and rugged construction makes it a perfect companion for adventure and camping. It has a one push ignition button that can be instantly switched on and it instantly ignites a 9,500 BTU burner which is powered by a portable and disposable LP cylinder. The light weight grill has a cooking surface of 200 square inches and also includes an aluminum lid and die cast firebox. The construction ensures resistance to rust and the gas grill has a dual cool touch heat resistant handles.


  1. Compact and Portable – The construction of the gas grill makes it unique and convenient, a perfect companion for travelling, camping and adventures. The grill has strong carrying handle and boasts it rugged construction enabling resistance from rusting and environmental conditions. It is light weight and has a stainless steel construction with black porcelain coating. The grill has a die-cast firebox along with an aluminum lid that helps in making the grill long lasting and resisting to adverse conditions.
  2. One push ignition button – The gas grill consists of a one push ignition button and the ignition can be initiated without use of batteries. The grill is able to support a 9,500 BTU burner that is powered by a portable and a disposable LP cylinder.
  3. TPU – Infrared system – The infrared system helps in quick and easy even distribution of the heat without leaving hot or cold spots on the cooking surface. This helps in grilling and cooking even in the coldest of the climate by generating 65% infrared heat that evenly spreads along the cooking surface.


  • One push ignition button with ability to spread around 9,500 BTU heat across the burner surface.
  • Infrared technology promotes even distribution of heat, easy & quick cooking and enables cooking even in the coldest climatic conditions.
  • Compact and small with total cooking area of 200 square inches equipped with a temperature gauge on the hood.
  • Light weight weighing only 20lbs and the 20 lb. propane tank can be easily used through conversion.
  • Stainless steel body with porcelain coating that protects the gas grill from wearing off and makes it easy to clean.


  • The gas grill is not suitable for large gathering and with limited cooking space, it takes time to grill and cook more food.
  • Temperature ranges from simmer to sear but changing the temperature quickly can be a hassle at time leading to burnt food.


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#4: TRU – Infrared Bistro Gas Grill by Char Black

It is a unique and great gas grill topped with the latest Infrared technology that evenly distributes the heat, cooks the food in less time and fills in more flavor. It does not create uneven hot or cold spot on the cooking area. The exquisite and elegant design of the gas grill manufactured in stainless steel makes it resistant to rust and extreme adverse weather condition.

The small and compact size of the grill is perfect for fitting in a patio or balcony and it is easily portable with its wheels helping in the movement. The primary cooking area is of 240 square inches and a secondary cooking area measures 80 square meters. It is light weight weighing only 43 pounds. The grill can be activated with the simple one switch knob. The grill works on propane making it perfect for all sort of occasion and even while travelling.


  1. Sleek and durable design – The gas grill is quite compact that fit it in even smaller space like balcony or patio. The stainless steel burner protects it from rusting and adverse weather condition. With the help of two large wheels, it is easily portable and easy to use.
  2. Perfect cooking space – The grill has a primary cooking area of 320 square inch that easily fits in 15 to 20 burgers. In addition to the primary cooking area, it has a secondary cooking area of 80 square inches that can be used for meal preparation and warming. This is a convenient set up and space for small group of people.
  3. Infrared Heat technology – The use of Infrared technology helps with the even distribution of heat across the gas grill. This ensures that the food is cooked easily, evenly and brings out the best flavors to mouth. With addition of real wood chips to the grilling grate, the flavor of the food can be enhanced.
  4. Electronic Ignition – The whole process of switching on the gas grill and starting the heat is very easy and simple. The electronic ignition is integrated into a gas control knob that helps in starting the heat and control the temperature by rotating it.


  • Easy to ignite with the electronic ignition knob system that also efficiently control the temperature.
  • The stainless steel construction with porcelain coating makes it resistant against rust and easy to clean.
  • Small and compact, fits perfectly in smaller space and easy to carry out with two large wheels.
  • Infrared technology helps in evenly distributing the heat and cooks the food easily in less time.
  • The grill has a larger 320 square inch cooking area that fits in almost 15 to 20 burgers at the same time.


  • It is difficult to assemble the gas grill despite the user manual as the descriptions are not very clear and crisp.
  • Very high temperature has the tendency to chip off the paint due to slight bubbling on the lid surface.

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The guide is a comprehensive search for best infrared gas grills that run on Infrared heating technology. Each of the products is individually tested and tried by the experts before compilation of the list. TRU Infrared 450 3-Burner Infrared Grill is the clear winner with a large cooking surface and convenient temperature control gauge.

A gas grill is definitely a party starter, be it a compact one that you need for travel or a bigger one for home gatherings, there is everything listed here that you want to know. Budge into one of the top infrared gas grills and kick start your home party!