Best Carbon Steel Woks review

Comprehensive Guide You Need to Buy Best Carbon Steel Woks

Woks are highly versatile utensil that are used for cooking a number of food with a large number of cooking techniques like boiling, deep frying, pan frying, stir frying and braising. The best carbon steel woks are high durable and constructed using high quality, commercial grade and heavy duty carbon steel. The best part of using the carbon steel for construction is its ability to rapidly spread heat through even distribution. It is definitely a perfect choice for your kitchen and is highly compatible for multiple usage.

Buying Guide for Carbon Steel Woks

The wok is one of the most versatile cooking pans that is perfect for stir frying and cooking a large variety of food. It can be used at high heat and is a popular utensil amongst commercial chefs. However, with the market loaded with so many different types of woks, it becomes difficult to choose the ideal and the best one. If you are looking for an ideal wok, this is the guide that will help you in your selection.

Steel Construction – The construction of wok is the most important thing to consider as the stability and its durability depends on the material used for construction. The uncoated carbon steel is the most popular choice as it helps in quick transfer of heat and its even distribution across the surface. The carbon steel is of commercial grade durability, economical and is rust-resistant if seasoning is done before storage.

Shape of the utensil – The shape of the utensil is very important as we want it to be compatible with induction, open fire and electric cook tops. The flat bottom shape of the wok is the perfect one that is most compatible and can be used for a variety of food. The concave properties of the wok is very important a consideration as it helps to radiate heat uniformly and intensely to facilitate fast cooking.

Handles – When cooking with a wok, you will most likely be dealing with very high temperature that require you to take caution, thus it’s advisable to have handles that are resistant to high temperature to aide in handling the wok. It is best to consider buying a carbon steel wok that has wooden handles which you will find to be very convenient when maneuvering the wok.

Top 4 Carbon Steel Wok Reviews

#1: Uncoated Carbon Steel Pro Flat Bottom Wok by Joyce Chen

This flat bottom 14-inch wok boasts a heavy gauge and uncoated carbon steel body with a protective phenolic handle resistant to heat. The standard family size wok is perfect for cooking a wide range of food and is perfect for use on gas, induction and electric stoves. The carbon steel wok is light with two phenolic handles on both sides making it easy for the user to pick it after cooking is done.


  1. Lightweight and Durable – The wok is light weight and carbon steel used for the construction ensures durability and the non-stick is strong enough to not peel off. It has a flat bottom with a diameter of 14-inch and is ideal for cooking on electric or gas top.
  2. Ergonomic phenolic Handle – The phenolic handles on both side of the wok ensures that the handle stays cool and makes it convenient for the user to handle the pan better. With an additional handle, stability of the pan is maintained.
  3. Easy storage – The wok can be stored easily and does not require much space. There is a loop on the handle that can be used for hanging the pan for storage. The transport of the pan is easy and convenient with the additional handle.
  4. Energy efficient – It is energy efficient and does not take a lot of time for cooking the food. It heats up quickly and evenly so you can be sure that your food will cook to perfection.


  • Durable and light weight with uncoated carbon steel construction
  • Ergonomic handles made from phenolic compound that does not let the handle heat up.
  • Compatible for use on gas and electric stove
  • Easy to store and maintain with a loop on the handle
  • 14 inch diameter flat bottom steel work compatible for cooking wide range of food


  • The inner factory coating can be a little difficult to scrub off and this can make it little of hassle after cooking.
  • Using cold water and detergent can lead to removal of the non-sticky part and storing with oiling leads to rusting.

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#2: Carbon Steel Flat Bottom Wok with Steel Lid by Helen’s Asian Kitchen

The ergonomic design of the steel wok makes it durable and attractive and compatible for use on gas and electric stoves. The steel wok is designed using 1.6mm carbon steel that makes it strong and light weight, and its aesthetics are further enhanced by its dome-shaped metal lid. The flat bottom 14- inch diameter ensures that the food is cooked evenly through spread of rapid and even heat across the base area.

The main handle and the helper handle are made of natural bamboo that is resistant to heat and the wok can be easily stored with help of the loop. Rust formation can be prevented through initial scouring and seasoning that is followed by seasoning again.


  1. Durable Construction – The sturdy 1.6mm carbon steel constructions adds to the durability of the steel wok and has a 14-inch diameter flat bottom. The heavy duty construction ensures stress free cooking for years. The wok also has a domed shaped lid easing up the cooking process.
  2. Heat Resistance Handle – The handles, both the main and helper, are made of bamboo that makes it resistant to heat. The natural wood helps in easy handling of the wok and its usage while preparing food.
  3. Even heat distribution – The flat diameter of 14-inch ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and enables quick cooking. The energy efficient steel wok is compatible for cooking food both on electric and gas stove.
  4. Easy Storage – It is easy to store the pan with help of the loop present on the handle that makes it ideal for hanging and storing in vertical position. The pan does not rust easily after the initial seasoning.


  • The durability of the steel wok is maintained through its heavy duty 1.6 mm carbon steel construction.
  • Comes with a metal lid for cooking more energy efficiently.
  • Attractive main and helping bamboo handle that is resistant to heat.
  • Compatible for use on both gas and electric stoves.
  • Even distribution of heat best for cooking and stirred frying
  • Concentric grooves ensure constant heat and quick recovery of heat for optimum cooking.


  • Just one seasoning is not enough to prevent rusting. Multiple seasoning is required.

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#3: Hand hammered carbon steel wok by Craft Wok

The hand crafted 1.8 mm carbon steel wok is designed traditional through hand hammering and makes a heavy duty choice for your kitchen with its versatile cooking options. The canton styled round bottom wok is manufactured for cooking food on open fire and is a great choice for stirred frying. The deep pan is durable and of commercial grade with a wooden handle that is resistant to high temperature and a steel helped handle.

It is perfect for cooking using very high heat and for better longevity, it requires seasoning before use. It is popular choice wok and is the preferred by commercial Chinese Chefs. The traditional wok is quite easy to use provided the seasoning is done efficiently that increases the longevity of the wok.


  1. Traditional Construction – The construction of the wok is traditionally done through hand hammering and heavy duty 15 gauge 1.8mm carbon steel of commercial grade is used. It has a canton style with rounded bottom that is small in diameter and perfect for use on the open fire. It is slightly heavy in size and hence can be used for cooking bulk amount of food together.
  2. Perfect for versatile cooking – The wok can be used for cooking a versatile range of food especially Chinese. Due to the deep seat, it is great for cooking noodles, soup and stir frying things. It spreads even heat and help in cooking the food without consuming much time.
  3. Heat Resistant Handle – The main handle is made of natural wood that makes it resistant to heat and easy to use. The helping handle is made of steel and helps in easy transportation of the wok.


  • Strong and durable construction using 1.8mm carbon steel of commercial grade.
  • Traditionally hand hammered with rounded bottom ensuring even distribution of heat.
  • Wooden handle for efficient use while cooking due to its resistance to high temperature.
  • Can be used on high heat and is perfect for cooking and stir frying.


  • Cannot be used on electric stove due to its rounded bottom
  • Seasoning your wok is a must for this one, if you want it to give you great results and last longer.

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#4: Carbon Steel Wok by Sur La Table

The carbon steel based wok is a professional grade vessel that is perfect for stir frying, deep frying, steaming and cooking a wide range of food items. The 14 inches diameter and the traditional construction ensure quick and efficient distribution of heat through the right balance of heat transfer across the surface. The handle is carved out of maple wood that is sturdy, strong and resistant to heat which eases the whole process of maneuvering the pan.

The rusting of the wok can be prevented by seasoning it properly before storing. The highly compatible and versatile wok is suitable for cooking on electric, gas and induction type of stovetops. The light weight steel wok is easy to flip and stir and the pan can be used with metal utensils.


  1. Strong Construction – The durable construction of the wok makes it distinctive and a popular choice amongst its users. The wok is constructed with 14” traditional carbon steel that helps with even distribution of heat across its surface. The wok being light weight is easy to use and designed for high heat cooking.
  2. Versatile Cooking – The wok is designed for cooking versatile type of food. It can be used for stir frying vegetables and meat, deep frying, steaming and overall cooking of food.
  3. Easy to handle – The handle is crafted using maple that is sturdy and resistant to high temperature. Handling the wok becomes easy with the main and the helping handle with durable construction. The light weight construction makes the stirring and flipping easy while cooking.
  4. High Compatibility – The flat bottom of the steel wok makes it perfect for using it on electric, induction and gas stoves. The pan can be also used with metal utensils. With more compatibility, it can be used for a wide range of cooking work.


  • Compatible for cooking a variety of food and use on electric, induction and gas through its flat bottom construction.
  • Sturdy construction with use of 14” carbon steel
  • Even distribution of heat across the pan for quick and energy efficient cooking.
  • Strong maple handles for easy use and high temperature resistance.
  • Light weight and rusting can be prevented through seasoning.


  • Can lead to rusting if not seasoned properly and stored properly.

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Carbon steel woks are durable and strong that is used for versatile cooking. It gives an optimal cooking experience and is efficient enough for rapid cooking through uniform spread of heat. Though all the options are top in the market and promise to give you great results, we had to pick our ultimate fav. Considering all the choices without bias, the steel wok from Joyce Chen comes out as the overall best carbon steel wok for its strong and sturdy construction, energy efficient design and its heat resistant handles. However, if a sturdy heavy duty wok for use on open fire is what you are looking for, you’ll find the Hand hammered wok is a better option for you.