Best Rotisserie Oven review

All you need to know when buying a Rotisserie Oven

Nothing gets an even juicy roast done better than a rotisserie oven!

Rotisserie is a style of roasting where meat is skewered on a long solid rod known as a spit used to hold food while it is being cooked over a fire or in an oven.

Rotisserie is used when cooking entire animals such as turkey, pig or chicken where the meat is rotated to cook it evenly in its own juices.

Rotisserie Ovens are multi purpose variation of the traditional rotisserie, perfect for cooking a variety of recipes including shawarmas.

You’ll find that these ovens use a rotating system, mostly vertical, that rotates the food in all directions and mostly the convection heat spreads evenly cooking the food efficiently in little time.

Such ovens are highly energy efficient making them ideal.

The best rotisserie ovens are durable, versatile and great for healthy cooking and you can easily maneuver the temperature control system and switch mechanism with ease.

Here is a comprehensive guide will help you get hold of the right rotisserie oven for you.

Buying Guide for the Best Rotisserie Oven

Although finding a good fit rotisserie oven isn’t what we can call rocket-science-difficult, there are some considerations one would like to keep to.

The nature of Rotisserie Oven

The Rotisserie Ovens are available in different types like the common horizontal rotisserie, portable rotisserie ovens, vertical countertop oven and commercial grade rotisserie oven.

Some people prefer the vertical countertop ovens which rotates the heater and not the food.


It is only logical that you would be looking for an oven that can accommodate cooking different types of food, as such you’ll find that here size matters; bigger is better.

To add to this, a larger capacity oven is able to cook more food at-a-go as compared to an oven with smaller capacity, something you appreciate when hosting a large group.


The durability of the spit and of the oven in general is important.

The spit will be handling the weight of the meat and you want to be sure it will hold the meat in place through the whole cook thus it should be firm and easy to take out without quick wearing of the connection joint to the oven (where the spit attaches to the oven).

Top 4 Rotisserie Oven Reviews

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#1: Nutrichef Vertical Rotating Countertop Oven

This is a highly energy efficient and versatile rotisserie oven which be used to cook a large number of recipes. The oven is easy to control and operate with an operating temperature range of up to 464°F.

What’s to love about this oven is the rotating oven technology that ensures even distribution of heat and quick cooking.

Not only is it efficient in cooking versatile recipes but super easy to clean with help of the stain resistant housing. The inside of the oven consists of a kebab rack with seven skewers and a grease drip tray to collect the grease and mess while cooking.

A number of accessories included with the oven make it possible to use the oven for more than just roasting. Take out the spit and shut the heat resistant tempered glass door and you have yourself an oven.

The oven has its safety standards with the auto power off function.


  1. Efficient Cooking

The vertical rotating oven is extremely energy efficient and through its ability to rotate the food, evenly distributes the heat and cooks food fast. It uses high power heat of 1500 W.

  1. Easy Control

The oven is pretty easy to operate in terms of temperature with temperature that can go up to 464°F along with an adjustable time setting of up to 60 minutes. The adjustable timer setting makes the operation pretty versatile.

  1. Easy to Clean

The oven is easy to clean with help of its stain resistant housing and there is a grease drip tray inside to collect the dripping from the food.

  1. Versatile Cooking

The oven is perfect for cooking versatile recipes starting from kebabs, shawarma, roasted chicken, etc.


  • Extremely versatile that helps in healthy cooking of a large variety of recipes
  • Energy efficient and even distribution of food along the food surface
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Sturdy and strong with the oven door made of heat resistant tempered glass
  • Easy to control with temperature range up to 464°F


  • Countertop oven but consumes a lot of space

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#2: Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

The countertop convection and rotisserie oven by Hamilton is the perfect purchase for your home kitchen and is small enough to easily fit in your kitchen counter.

Just because we said its small doesn’t make any less effective, you can prepare snacks and meals for a family get together or a party.

The oven is highly energy efficient and does well with heat distribution. You can cook just about anything with this oven, it is packed with features that enable cooking wide range of food items from baking to boiling and roasting.

There are two adjustable racks inside the oven that creates double space for cooking multiple food items together.

The oven utilizes convection technology which helps in fast baking and the rotisserie revolves meat items while being cooked so as to get that even cook locking in the juices and flavor.

With the oven, you get additional accessories like 2 cooking racks, baking pans, broiler rack, skewers and rotisserie accessories.


  1. Compact and Efficient

The oven is compact and easily fit in the kitchen counters of most homes. It is extremely efficient ensuring even cooking through proper distribution of heat across the oven.

  1. Spacious Inside

Don’t be fooled by its compact design, the oven easily fits two 12” pizza, cake pans, casseroles etc. The inside comes with two adjustable cooking racks that double up space for more cooking.

  1. Convection and Rotisserie

The oven is equipped with convection and rotisserie technology. The convection setting helps in faster baking and the rotisserie rotates your meat for even heat distribution.


  • Compact on the outside and extra-large capacity on inside with two adjustable racks
  • Convection and rotisserie technology helps in efficient and quick cooking
  • Accessories included with the oven like removable drip tray, skewers, oven racks, baking pans and broiler rack
  • Versatile countertop oven for multi-purpose cooking
  • Compatible for roasting, broiling and baking
  • 2 hour setting time that can be adjusted and operated accordingly


  • The glass door on the oven becomes hot while cooking

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#3: Black + Decker Rotisserie Oven

The oven works on convection heating which enables quick and efficient circulation of the warm air throughout the inside of the oven, enabling even heat distribution and quick baking.

With the rotisserie function, the oven rotates evenly and ensures the heat distributes across cooking the food rapidly.

The oven comes with 5 functions which are baking, broil, toasting, warming and rotisserie that balance all your cooking needs.

The oven is a mix of rotisserie and toaster that makes it highly versatile and the fan fixed inside it helps in distribution of the heat across the oven.

The oven uses power of 1500 Watts and comes with a 60-minute timer that gives better control over the cooking. The oven shuts off automatically when the timer expires.

The oven comes with a number of accessories that helps in versatile cooking. The crumb tray ensures easy cleaning up of the oven after the cooking is over. It is compact on the outside but spacious for cooking for a smaller family.


  1. Convection and Rotisserie

With the easy to use rotisserie function, the oven rotates the food ensuring even cooking and retention of the flavor. The convection fan circulates the warm air across the oven for faster baking.

  1. Spacious Interior

The interior is spacious enough to accommodate 12” of pizza, 6 slices of bread and chicken. The oven space is large enough for toasting and preparation of versatile meals.

  1. Versatile functions

The oven performs five functions which includes broil, warming, baking, toasting and rotisserie. The toast timer helps in controlling the temperature.

  1. Accessories

The oven comes with a number of accessories that are important for baking and cooking. It has a removable rack, two toasting trays, bake pan along with a removal crumb tray to clean up the oven easily.

The high and low oven racks helps in providing optimal cooking result.


  • Use as rotisserie and toaster oven with the integration of convection technology
  • Versatile with ability to cook in 5 different types
  • Compact, easy to store and large interior space
  • Operates at a controlled temperature and at a power of 1500 Watts
  • Energy efficient that evenly spreads the heat as the food rotates
  • Additional accessory items are included along with the oven


  • Capacity is slightly smaller making it suitable only for home purpose

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#4: KeyTop Vertical Rotisserie Oven 

The vertical rotisserie oven is a countertop and compact oven which can be used for multi-purpose cooking. It accommodates 6 skewers which are rotated to give an even cook on all the food.

The heat from the open heating elements flows optimally with incorporation of half round stainless steel reflectors along with them making this oven quite efficient.

It is ideal for broiling layers of meat, preparation of sausages, fish and poultry products.

The oven gives an efficient and high performance with power of 1100 W and is bound to make your rotisserie servings a meal to look forward to and more so because it is easy to maintain and clean due to its detachable parts.


  1. Rotisserie with versatile cooking

The vertical rotisserie oven helps with versatile cooking and is perfect for preparing a number of items like kebab, shawarma, tacos Al Pastor, gyros, cooking meat, vegetables etc.

  1. Easy to clean

It comes with stainless steel detachable parts and hence cleaning of the oven after cooking is pretty easy.

  1. High efficiency

The oven is highly efficient and ensures that it heats the food from all the directions so that it can be cooked properly.

The optimal use of energy can be done with help of half round stainless steel reflectors connected to the open structure of heating elements.

  1. Easy control – It is pretty easy to control the oven by setting the temperature. The oven can be switched on or off and this can be indicated with the switch light.


  • Compact and requires less space for storage
  • Versatile recipes can be cooked using the different settings of the oven
  • On and off switch indicated by the light
  • Ease of control by setting the temperature of the oven appropriately
  • Easy to clean with help of its removal parts


  • It cooks relatively slowly compared to the others.

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Depending on what you need, there are numerous rotisserie ovens available but we narrowed down on the top ones that were are confident give the most value.

In particular, the Nutrichef Vertical Countertop oven stood out for us based on its efficiency, capacity and suitability for multi-purpose cooking and we definitely recommend it.

Lastly, as you get to own a new rotisserie, we recommend you regularly clean the rotisserie to reduce any wear and tear of the moving parts as well as to maintain hygiene in your kitchen.

That’s all for now, we hope you found this article helpful.