How To Pick Kitchen Counter Stools

Picking kitchen stools is usually the last thing to completing your home bar or kitchen island.

Choosing the right kitchen stools is quite important.

This is because the choice of furniture and style has to blend with the style you’ve decide to go with for the kitchen island.

They need to be seamlessly blended and the perfect height to match your desired style.

There are so many kitchen stools to choose from but, don’t be carried away.

The most important thing to keep in mind is your interior’s style, always.

Another important thing you’d need to consider is their comfortability.

People will most probably be drinking or eating on the counter so comfortability needs to be a huge consideration.

In this article we will delve into understanding the specifics to look out for when you decide to go in that furniture store.

The main points to consider when purchasing kitchen stools are:

  • Your counter height
  • Your style
  • Conveniency
  • Durability

Counter Height

When considering the height of the kitchen stool, make sure you measure and record your counter’s height.

This is so that you don’t end up buying a taller or shorter kitchen stool.

You could also decide to go the adjustable height way rather than having to get measurements which can be exhausting.

This kitchen stools can be adjusted to any height of your choice and there is a variety of styles to choose from.

With the adjustable kitchen stools, your guests will get to comfortably drink or eat food as they rest their arms on the counter.

If you decide to just measure your counter height, there are furniture stores that have the specific measurements of the stools on their sites.

Also, make sure to not make the mistake of buying bar stools if you are working with a kitchen counter.

Bar stools tend to be taller hence go with counter stools.

Countertops range from 37-40 inches so a favorable counter stool would range from 23 to 27 inches high to give you enough leg room.

Apart from the height, another measurement to consider is the kitchen stool width because it will determine how many stools you get.

You could otherwise measure the width of the kitchen counter then work with that as you choose the stools so that they also have ample space between them.

The recommended measurement to leave between the centers of the stools is 26-30 inches.

This leaves at least 6” between each seat to easily get out or in.

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Your Style

Kitchen stools come in range of designs, aesthetics and materials.

You can choose from modern to traditional, what would coordinate with your space.

There are furniture stores that give you an opportunity to customize your stools where you get to choose your wood seat finishes and finish colors.

This results to a personalized kitchen stool for your space that is long lasting.

For a cleaner look, you could opt for a backless stool which easily slides underneath kitchen counters when not in use.

If your style is more vintage, choose kitchen stools that will suit the antique style though with this you need to really consider your height measurements.

Another style feature to consider is if you want them backless or full-back.

As much as you’d go for comfortability, the kitchen stools need to fit the style and the kitchen stool backs could enhance or ruin the style you are going for.

For a cleaner look, you could opt for a backless stool which easily slides underneath kitchen counters when not in use.

Well, if support is what you are going for then the full-back stools are better.


For kitchen stools, it is also best to consider who will use them and how convenient they could be.

Your family may include children, elderly people or people with disabilities so considering everyone would be important or the kitchen stools would just be another accessory.

If you are planning to consider children, the best one to get is the kitchen helper tower which is a child-safe stool that allows kids as young as 2 years to reach the counter.

It promotes accessibility and independence.

For the disabled persons and the elderly, the best option would be a perching stool.

This enables the user to semi-sit helping to reduce the strain from getting up and down in a seating position.

The adjustable height kitchen stools would be convenient for them and safer.

The best chair though for the elderly persons is one that meets their needs.

These stools also come in different styles and materials. So not to worry that they will affect the style of the kitchen counter area.

It is also possible to get a kitchen stool that helps you while you work in the kitchen.

Talk about efficiency. There are stools that you can use while cooking or for standing on if you want to get something from top shelves.

Most people use saddle stools for cooking since it can move around the kitchen and it also has an adjustable height.

Foldable kitchen stools are another type that may come in handy in accessing your top kitchen shelves.

They can easily fit between your fridge and the wall when you want to store them.


You could buy wooden kitchen stools then upholster with the fabric that fits your style.

One other thing you can not compromise on is the material the kitchen stool is made of.

Many people use the kitchen stools when eating than at the dining table.

Wood is the most commonly used material because it not only offers durability but gives that traditional look.

Leather kitchen stools are also a good choice and they emphasize a luxurious look and comfort.

If you are more minimalistic, plastic and metal bar stools are an amazing option.

They are durable too though the cleaning will have to be thorough because plastic easily stains.

Consider how you are going to clean them as well since that affects their durability too.

You could decide to also upholster and choose the fabric of your choice.

For example, you buy wooden kitchen stools then upholster with the fabric that fits your style.

The most common fabrics are velvet, and faux suede.

In conclusion, thanks to retailers like Walmart, you can find kitchen stools at affordable prices.

Most of them sell them in multiples as not many people are looking for just one stool.

You could also decide to get someone to make them from scratch depending on your budget.

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