Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens review

Comprehensive Guide and Review for the Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens

The outdoor pizza ovens are the best thing that you can invest on right now to savor the hand-made, freshly baked and crispy pizza outdoors.

The best outdoor pizza ovens are either fueled by gas or wood fire where the former gives a quick ideal temperature for baking and later gives a smoky flavor.

The outdoor ovens for baking pizza are elegantly designed majorly in stainless steel topped with insulation technology and are portable.

Due to their smaller and compact size, they can be set up in your backyard, patio or can even be carried along during adventure trips and camping.

If you are looking for a convenient outdoor pizza oven that is compact in size, packed with great features and affordable, this guide is what you need.

What to consider when buying your Outdoor Pizza ovens

It is often confusing to choose an outdoor pizza oven due to the numerous options the market has to offer.

Gone are the days when you baked your pizza with the traditional ovens, for newer and more efficient pizza ovens have joined the market, outperforming the traditional, old school pizza ovens.

The best outdoor pizza ovens are the party starter and can be set up anywhere owing to their petite nature.

Here are a few features up for consideration when you are shopping for a great outdoor pizza oven.

Type of Fuel

Most of the outdoor pizza ovens are either fueled by propane gas or wood.

The wood fired or use of wood pellets gives a smoky taste and maintaining a steady temperature can be a little difficult. For propane-fueled ovens, you get better control over the regulation of the temperature.


This is an important consideration as depending on the material used, the temperature can be raised.

It is always best to buy a pizza oven that has insulation covering or layer with stainless steel as it helps in raising the temperature to a great degree facilitating quick cooking.

Size and compactness

The portability of the pizza oven is an important consideration with the oven being light weight, compact and easy to port or carry along.

It is best to buy an oven that can be assembled and disassembled quickly for the purpose of easy portability.

The smaller and lighter the oven is, the better it becomes to carry along during outdoor trips or fit in smaller spaces like a patio or balcony.

In-built control

The in-built control system of the oven must be strong which means the in-built thermometer must be good enough to detect the temperature and control it accordingly.

The in-built ignition system in propane based pizza ovens helps to control the flame.

Top 5 Pizza Ovens for Outdoor

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#1: Mount Alpi APZ-SS Tabletop Gas Pizza Oven

This is stainless steel pizza gas oven, elegantly designed and fitted with high end functionality that Mount Alpi take pride in.

The table top pizza oven is compact and portable making it convenient to carry along on your adventures. It requires little space, and could be easily set up in patio or balcony.

Be it roasting chicken, beef, turkey or potato, it cooks everything perfectly with even distribution of the heat wave. The high performing gas pizza oven can be instantly turned on and the process of cleaning is quite easy and efficient.


1. Elegant and durable design

The gas pizza oven is compact and designed elegantly with a stainless steel frame that makes it durable and resistant to rust.

The model is delivered or can be purchased fully assembled and ready to be used. The 12 inches pizza base design space is suitable for other foods as well. The front door is removable.

2. Easy start up

The ignition for the pizza oven can be started up easily with just one push. The heat can be distributed rapidly by starting the ignition.

3. High Performance

The oven gives impeccable performance and is suitable for roasting a large number of food items along with pizza. It is able to produce a total amount of heat of around 12,000 BTU.

The temperature gauge helps in maintaining and controlling an appropriate temperature. The oven also has multiple options for propane.

4. Ease of cleaning

The cleaning of the oven is very easy and convenient by removing the floor pan and the fat try. The removal of the trays and cleaning every nook and corner is convenient.


  • Stainless steel construction makes it durable and resistant to damage.
  • Compact and portable making it a perfect companion for outdoor activities, activities etc.
  • Super quick distribution of heat production 12,000 BTU of heat.
  • The fat tray and steel tray are removable, easing up the process of cleaning.
  • The front is equipped with a temperature gauge to control and monitor the temperature of operation.
  • The oven also includes a pizza stone.


  • Difficulty in retaining high temperature when the door is opened.
  • Less ambient temperature as compared to temperature in stone ovens.

#2: PizzaQue PC6500 Outdoor Pizza Oven by Pizzacraft

The compact and efficient outdoor pizza oven brings to you a revolutionary design that is light weight, highly portable and perfect for accommodating in smaller space.

The ease of using the oven makes it a perfect choice for quick baking of pizza and is a perfect companion for an array of outdoor camping and adventure activities.

The pizza oven boasts of durability through its premier stainless steel construction that is ready to cook with just 15 minutes of pre-heating. The compact pizza oven is perfect for camping and outdoors, with the propane tank serving as the fuel.


  1. Compact Design – The compact design of the gas pizza oven is what makes it attractive and efficient with less space requirement. The oven is readily portable making it perfect for outdoor camping and travelling. The steel body of the oven prevents rusting and adverse environmental conditions with a 14-inch cordierite pizza stone. The oven includes an adaptor to be used with a propane tank.
  2. Easy pre-heating – The process of pre-heating is simple and easy and the food is ready to be cooked by simply pre-heating the oven for only 15 minutes. The oven perfectly cooks the pizza efficiently and fast ensuring internal and stone temperature is perfectly hot for baking.
  3. Protective oven Covers – The oven is equipped with two protective cover that protects the oven in all conditions. The additional accessory equipment like pellet smoker and shovel helps in adding smoky flavor to the pizza. The folding peel and stone brush quickly helps in moving the pizza.
  4. Propane based Pizza Oven – The propane tank is easy to carry and this helps in baking a pizza anytime, anywhere. The revolutionary technology and propane gas used gives us authentic pizza for meal.


  • Easy to cook with instant heating of the oven by a simple pre-heat for 15 minutes.
  • The temperature gauge helps in controlling and monitoring the temperature.
  • Compact and portable pizza oven fueled by propane and perfect for ease of portability.
  • Steel body prevent rusting and wear and tear of the oven


  • Apt for use only in outdoors due to use of wooden pellets as fuel.
  • Very quick heating of the oven can lead to slight burning of the pizza if not monitored carefully.

#3: Box Grill Top Pizza Oven by BakerStone

The original box design of the pizza oven is a patented one that helps in cooking, baking and grilling of food in minutes.

The induction of the oven activates the temperature of the outdoor grills and gives an impeccable baking experience, combining the technology of convection, conduction and radiation.

The pizza oven can be heated up to a temperature of 600 to 800°F and takes a few minutes to bake a pizza.

The design is amazing with an enameled steel box placed on pre-existing grill.

The box pizza oven requires 3 burner grills for using it and a gas grill is able to regulate the heat in better way.

It is small in size that makes it easily portable. The pizza oven is perfect for quick outing and camping and is able to cook a pizza of around 14”. The quality of the oven is durable and resistant to wear and tear giving it better longevity.


1. Patented Design

The unmatched patented design of the pizza oven in box shape is what makes it stand out amongst others. It can be used on gas grill, large charcoal grill and 3 burner grills instantly converting it into pizza oven.

The gorgeous box grill is compact and small making it highly portable.

2. In-built Thermometer

There is an in-built thermometer on the box pizza oven that helps in controlling and monitoring the temperature. The regulation of the heat is an easy and convenient process with the thermometer.

3. Quick heating and efficient cooking

The oven is perfect for a wide range of work like baking, roasting of meat, vegetables and fish so you are not limited to pizza.

The heat distribution across the oven is even and it requires a pre-heat time of 30 minutes, with temperature ranging from 400 to 750° The cook time is nearly 2 to 4 minutes which is pretty much convenient.


  • Quick cooking time of 2 to 4 minutes after a pre-heating time of 30 minutes.
  • Patented box design compatible for use on charcoal or gas grill or on 3-burner grill
  • Compact and light-weight with a carrying case that makes it easy to carry the gas oven.
  • In-built thermometer that helps with controlling and monitoring the temperature.


  • The process of cleaning can be a little of hassle and needs to be assembled again post cleaning.
  • The pizza needs to be regularly turned due to the heating of the backside more quickly.

#4: Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven by Ooni

This portable, light weight and compact wood pellet based pizza oven boasts of an insulted body that helps in maintaining an efficient circulation of heat.

The wood pellet burner is the most unique and  attractive part of the pizza oven which enables better control of the temperature circulating around and maintain consistent cooking.

It is high stable design with 3-legs and the chimney clip mechanism makes it easy to pack and carry around.

The use of fast burning wood pellet helps in raising the temperature up to 900°F in just 10 minutes due to its stainless steel body construction.


1. Wood Pellet Burner

The pizza oven is one of the kinds that work using the wood pellet that allows better control of the temperature with quick and consistent cooking. The burner burns faster and enables cooking in less time.

2. Insulated Body

The all new insulated body and stainless construction helps in raising the temperature up to 900°F which is enough to cook anything within 10 minutes. It is a versatile oven that cooks pizza, meat, vegetables and a number of other food items. The heat efficiency is maintained better due to the construction.

3. Chimney Clip

The oven comes with a chimney clip that makes it easy to pack and move the oven around. The portability of the oven makes it a great companion for outdoor trips. The stability of the oven is maintained with presence of 3 legs.


  • The use of wooden pellet makes it unique enabling fast burning and production of high energy.
  • Insulating body and stainless steel outer increase the temperature by up to 900°
  • The pre-heat time is only 10 minutes and requires a cook time of only 1 to 2 minutes for pizza.
  • Compact and small with chimney clip making it easily portable with detachable legs and chimney.
  • Even distribution of the heat for faster baking.


  • Additional bearing is required for rotation of the base plate and needs to be purchased separately.
  • Tricky assembly of the oven leading to consumption of more time and igniter switch might be difficult to handle.

#5: Italia Artisan Pizza Oven by Camp Chef

The pizza oven is designed elegantly with double layered ceiling that provides highly efficient circulation of heat and bakes pizza really quick.

It requires pre-heating of only 15 minutes before it is ready for cooking and the in-built temperature gauge is perfect for monitoring the internal air temperature.

There is a built in micro-adjustment valve which helps in controlling the level of the flame. There is a ventilated oven door for free flowing of the hot air for better regulation.

It is compact and is portable, making it a perfect companion for outdoors with enough space to cook two pizzas simultaneously.

The temperature can be raised up to a maximum of 700°F with a cook time requirement of 5 minutes.

The oven can be used for cooking other types of food as well apart from pizza and it takes not more than 5 minutes for cooking to be done.


1. Efficient and Elegant construction

The construction of the oven makes it different and suitable for quick cooking with the double layered ceiling enhancing the overall dynamics of heating.

It has a ventilated oven door that can be opened with a convenient handle. The specially designed burners allow quick ventilation and pizzas can be baked on the cordierite ceramic pizza stone.

2. Adjustable temperature control

The pizza oven has adjustable in-built valves that give better control of the heat through adjustment of the flame. The built-in thermometer helps in controlling the temperature so that the oven is not overheated.

3. Gas Powered

The oven is powered on gas and this gives an equal feel like that of wood fired brick pizza oven.

The propane gas can be used for heating the pizza oven and a regulator along with a 5 ft. hose is used with the portable propane for cooking.


  • Compact and portable fueled by gas making it perfect for camping, travelling etc.
  • Double insulated ceiling for enhance heating dynamics with only 15 minute pre-heat time.
  • In-built ignition valve for controlling the flame and thermometer for controlling temperature
  • The maximum temperature can reach up to 700°F defining quick cooking time.
  • Spacious enough to cook two pizzas at the same time.


  • Requires rotating the pizza manually to ensure it is cooked properly.


The comprehensive buying guide with reviews and features of the best outdoor pizza oven will make your job easier in making the right selection.

All the products mentioned in the review are individually tested and tried by expert post which the list has been compiled.

Considering all the facts and features, the MAPZ-SS Table top Gas Pizza Oven by Mount Alpi is the clear winner as it is versatile, elegantly designed, compact and convenient for portability with efficient temperature control system.

The outdoor pizza oven is a definite entertainer, perfect companion for outdoors and within budget.

Host the perfect party by investing in an outdoor pizza oven.