Gowise Air Fryer review – The best Air Fryer guide

GOWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Air Fryer XL with 6-PC Accessory

LOW FAT MEALS! HEALTHY MEALS! SWEET SAVOURY MEALS! If this speaks to you then the Gowise Air Fryer is for you. Simply put, its the healthy solution to enjoying a crispy chicken or that all-time favorite french fries. Now this is one appliance that will change the way you cook. It especially appeals to you with a busy schedule and little time to cook up something for yourself, family or guests. With it you can prepare tasty healthy meals in a  fast way.

Let’s face it, whipping up a meal and cleaning after your cooking is not always a piece of pie. Especially with convectional cooking, there are always messy counter tops and tables, the oil spills on the stoves, smoke odours, accidental burns and cuts to your hands not to mention the chores that can leave you with little to no time to spend with family. As if thats not enough, you constantly have to keep of checking on the food to make sure it won’t get burned, somebody save me from this already!

So what is the Gowise Air Fryer? And how can it help you?

gowise air fryerThis sure is a very promising fryer that that allows-you-to-fry your food with-little-to-no oil at all! But how does it work if it doesn’t require much oil? The Gowise Air Fryer makes us of a Rapid-Air Circulation-Technology that heats up the air-in-all-direction inside the pan to ensure a fast-and-even-cooking. The temperature ranges from one hundred eighty (180) degrees Fahrenheit to four hundred (400) degrees Fahrenheit that you can set depending on what you are cooking, allowing you to cook food in thirty minutes or less.

That’s not all, it has got a timer in which you can set the time for customized cooking. It also has presets, the warmer, fries and chips, chicken, shrimp, pork, cake, fish and steak. You can now cook any type of dishes,you can even bake! It is like an eight product combined into one incredible kitchen appliance. That can surely make an incredible delicious meals in a short period of time. It comes with non-stick free-pan-and-detachable basket that is equipped-with-a-cool touch-handle-and-button-guard-to-prevent-accidental detachment that can cause burns from the hot foods. It also comes with a Recipe book that have fifty recipes good for your breakfast, lunch and dinner that especially created to be cooked using the air fryer.

Just simply prepare all your ingredients, toss that in the air fryer, choose among the eight presets and you are good to go. GoWise air fryer lets you enjoy food without the guilt of eating extra calories and gaining weight. It’s amazing to know that this fryer-allows you-to-fry-bake-grill,-and-roast-with-little-to-no oil. You can now make
crispy fried chickens, steaks, french fries, pizzas and many more using one amazing product.

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1. A healthier way to enjoy fried foods 

Yes, let’s face it, you love oily foods just as much as I do but you are afraid you might not fit your pants anymore or your favorite dress. Good thing that this product came in handy in the market and you can buy in any home appliance section of retail stores and even online. Now you can live that healthier life that you promise to yourself a long time ago.

2. Hassle free cooking wherein you just toss the ingredients in, set the fryer and you are good to go. 
In this fast-paced world, everyone seems to rush things, it is good to know that this product came to the rescue for your busy schedule. Allowing you to cook delicious foods in less than thirty minutes. You can now bake, fry, grill or even roast easily.

3. Multi function. It has eight (8) cooking presets to choose from
Now you can customize your cooking needs with just one button. It allows you cook chips, meat, steak, cake and fish faster and healthier.

4. It has a modern and sleek look that comes into four colors
No need to feel bored in seeing stainless and plain looking kitchen appliances because the GoWise Air Fryer have four colors to choose from that is suited to the modern kitchens of every household.

5. It comes along with a Recipe Book and a user’s manual
No need to worry about how to use the air fryer and what to cook because GoWise have you covered. They include 50 recipes that is customized to use the air fryer. It is easy to follow and you won’t have a hard time staring blankly on wall figuring out what to cook for your family.

6. Less injuries and less burns
Let’s admit, we can be a little clumsy sometimes and can experience a little burns once ina while. Good thing with the invention of air fryer, you don’t have to worry about spilling hot oils on your face and body.


1. Compared to a deep fryer, air fryer takes a little longer to fry your food. 
Usually it only takes only three to five minutes to fry when you use your old deep fryer but when it comes to air fryer, it could double the time.

2. It runs using electricity only. 
Unlike using your regular stove that can be a gas stove, if there is a power outage, you cannot use it anymore.

3. You cannot cook for bigger number of people
Although it is now extra large, it can only accommodate four or more but when you have larger guests of course it could be an issue.

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All in all if you would like to experience a healthier option when it comes to enjoying your food in guiltless manner, then GOWISE Air Fryer is for you. Also, if you are a busy mom who always want to make sure that your family can still eat healthy foods (and not takeout foods!) and show love in the way of cooking delicious meals then having an air fryer of your own might be a great option. Thus, having a product like this is a great advantage in every kitchen.