Oyster Grill Pan Review – For tastier and healthier Grilled Oyster meals

Oysters. Mmmh!! that distinctive, chewy texture and briny taste that you either love or hate. While a number of people like to have them raw, some shy away from the uncooked musscle and prefer to have their Oyster grilled or steamed before they can enjoy it, which can be beneficial as shall we shall later learn.

Outset 12 pocket Oyster Grill Pan
Outset 12 pocket Oyster Grill Pan

For those who prefer cooked Oyster, there are several methods to choose from, however, one thing is certain, grilling indisputably gives the best taste, and what better way to grill than with a Cast Iron oyster pan.

Oyster Grill Pan Features

Outset 12 pocket Oyster Grill Pan

The Oyster Grill Pan is a simple cast iron pan that goes on top of your grill or stove

top to allow to grill your Oysters like a pro. It has a variety of features that makes desirable which include:

Even Heating

The Cast iron material, is an excellent conductor of heat which immediately dissipates the heat evenly to the whole pan ensuring all your Oysters are cooked evenly.

Cup like Pockets

It has 12 cup like pockets/ depressions that perfectly holding oysters on the half-shell or fully shucked. These can also be preheated to speed cooking time.

Ease of Use

Great Oyster Recipes

Cook your Oysters professionally! Granted, not many of us are not exactly what you can call ‘gourmet chefs’, but who said you can’t be. With your brand new Outset Grill pan, and a few readily available Cookbooks and recipes, you will soon be grilling your Oysters like a BOSS Gourmet Chef. Additionally, this will give you the leverage to make your Oysters whenever, wherever and however you like them.

Cooking time efficiency

If you are anything like me, you at times treat the kitchen like a cold shower, quick in – quick out and this amazing grill pan allows you to do just that; you can grill upto 12 Oysters at a go with it.

Ease of Cleaning

With a hot water and a stiff-bristled brush you can get this pan looking brand new after each use. Dry immediately after and avoid using soap, swap soap for salt.

What we like

  • Keeps your Grill neat

Does your food stick on your grill or worse off fall in it? Well the Oyster grill pan is a great addition to your grill. Nothing! falls through nor sticks on the grill, leaving you with next to no clean-up work afterwards.

  • Reduces Your Health risk

Remember how I mentioned that cooking your oyster could be beneficial, well it turns out that there is a slight (almost null) chance that you could contract a bacterial infection by consuming your oysters raw, that is according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC. Though it’s highly unlikely to happen that you contract an infection, grilling your Oyster eliminates even the slightest possibility.

  • Bang for your Buck

You can also use it to make single serving mac & cheese, drop biscuits, mini corn bread, and more… Its only limited to your creativity.

What we Dislike

  • Large and Heavy

It’s large and heavy nature can make it a little cumbersome to handle while cooking. It weighs about 9.4 pounds.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are just starting out with grilling, looking to improve your grilling technique or better yet if you wish to change to a healthier way of consuming your Oyster, The Outset Oyster skillet will be great for you as you plan to make the your oysters.

So next time you are having your friends over, why not make it an Oyster party?

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