Cooks Essentials Air Fryer review – The best Air Fryer guide

Cooks Essentials 3.4-qt Digital Air Fryer

In life we are always looking for the next best thing or way to take us to the next level, and cooking enthusiasts are no exception.

Well, you’ve have come to right place.

Even before we can proceed, I can guess that the question in your mind is, is this air fryer good enough for my kitchen? Is it worth my money?

That’s where we come in.

We have attempted to exhaustively answer all of your questions regarding this appliance.

This cooks essentials air fryer review is prepared especially for you. Just keep reading and you will find out whether you are making an informed decision.

First and foremost, is it a wise decision to invest in a air fryer for your kitchen?

A digital air Fryer is a perfect kitchen appliance to accompany you on your adventurous journey of tasty meals and experimenting with new ingredients.

Let’s face it!

There is no point in denying the fact that cooks essentials air fryer is a kitchen marvel of the 21st century.

Why do I say that? Well, who doesn’t like flexibility and freedom with the meals they can prepare?

Of course, we all do! That’s exactly what an air fryer offers.

You can cook fried items and snacks without a drop of oil.

Talk of enjoying all the delicacies but making sure you are healthy.

Cook Essentials Air Fryer in use

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Features that make the Cooks Essentials 3.4-qt one of its kind!

• Technologically Advanced

Being in an era of technological advancement, it could only make sense to have one of these appliances in your kitchen.

Temperatures within this air fryer can reach 400 degrees which makes it easy to fry food quickly and maintain its nutritional value.

The fryer also comes as a 6 in 1 cooker, with the capacity to fry, roast, steam, grill sauté and bake.

• Ample Capacity

Any seasoned cook will tell you that large capacity in any cooking appliance is not bargainable.

Thats where this fryer’s cooking capacity comes in handy, you can rest at ease knowing it is big enough to accommodate family meals.

This doesn’t mean that small meals are not covered.

If you want to cook small dishes or roast vegetables, you will find the basket divider handy. With it, you can prepare several meals concurrently saving you precious time.

• Digital Timer

Many are the times we have forgotten that we were preparing meals only for our delicacies to burn out and we are left with chunks of charcoal.

I am not implying that being forgetful is evil. In fact, it is part of being human.

That’s where this fryer’s digital timer comes in an easy to set inbuilt digital timer is always at your service reminding you that something tasty is frying in the kitchen.

• Steam Vent

If you have been cooking for some time, you must have been hurt by super-heated steam one time or another.

You no longer need to worry about that!

This air fryer comes equipped with a steam vent located on its backside just to make sure that no one gets hurt ever again.

Technical specifications

If you have not yet made the decision, this section should offer more insight into the fryer. It will help you get a picture of what the fryer looks like and its capabilities.


It is 12.25” long by 11.5” long by 10.5” wide. Small enough to fit almost everywhere in your kitchen.

Material Type

Made of plastic which makes sure that it doesn’t overheat even when frying at very high temperatures.


It’s also equipped with built-in one-touch timer which can be used to prepare different dishes at different temperatures and for different periods. It’s easy to use even for those who are not technologically advanced.

Auto Settings

This feature works in conjunction with the timer. You do not have to constantly keep watching your food. Once it’s cooked, the fryer will shut itself off.

Multi-Level Basket

The multilevel basket has a divider which makes it possible for you to fry different dishes at the same time. It also contains a non-stick coat which prevents food from sticking to its surface.

This feature also makes it easy to clean.

What should you expect in the box?

After opening the box, you should expect to find the following items:

• A Multi-Level Basket

This is the basket that makes it possible to cook more than one dish at a go. A divider divides the basket into different sections depending on your needs.

• User’s Manual

Even if you are not an electronics enthusiast, you shouldn’t find it hard to use this air fryer. A comprehensive and easy to use user’s manual will answer all of your questions.

• Warranty

A 2 months warranty covers the item.

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PROS of the Cooks Essentials Air Fryer

Why should you even consider buying this air fryer?

There are several benefits of having this air fryer. I have discussed just but a few of them. Once you starting using, you will find out that these are not the only benefits.

1. Healthy Option

With this air fryer, you do not have to use tonnes of oil.

This means that you can significantly cut oil intake from your diet helping you be in good health and physique. It is the gateway to consuming fewer calories and leading a healthier life.

2. Easy to Use

We are looking for an appliance we can easily use. With this air fryer, you only need to load the food, set the timer, sit back and wait for your delicacy to be ready.

3. Handy

This air fryer can fry almost everything and is easily portable. It can also be placed anywhere and still produce the same results of tasty and crispy dishes.

4. Multiple Colors

We cannot underestimate the importance of colors in our lives. That’s the reason this air fryer is available in an array of colors. This gives you the freedom to choose a color that will match with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

5. Easy to clean

Cleaning has never been an easy task. However, that’s about change. Remember that the appliance doesn’t use oil so no food gets stuck in the basket making easy to clean. A flush of water should get the job done.

CONS of the Cooks Essentials Air Fryer

Even perfection bears its own brunt of imperfections. I mean, even the best has its own downsides but this doesn’t make it less of itself. The downsides of this air fryer are a few but it is important that we have a look at some of them.

1. Expensive
The matter of if a product is affordable or expensive is very relative. To one buyer, this air fryer is expensive but to another one it is cheap.

2. Cooking space
Though it has ample cooking space, moms or cooks with huge families might find it small.

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By now, I am sure that you’ve got an idea of what this air fryer has to offer from this. I hope that this credible and impartial cooks essentials air fryer review has opened up your eyes and helped you make an informed decision. I don’t know what you have decided but let’s face it fellow cook, if you are looking for an air fryer, that is powerful, not bulky and affordable, the Cook’s Essentials 3.4-qt Digital Air Fryer w/ Presets & Pans (Cinnamon) is an earnest contender. Check it out on Amazon and give it a chance.