How To Season Gotham Steel Pans

Gotham Steel is a non-stick frying pan that is made out of ceramic and durable titanium. Food slides right out no matter what you are cooking. This piece of cookware can even go in the oven.

Its durable exterior makes it tough and it will never scratch so no matter what you cook, it will be loaded with flavor and healthier for you because Gotham Steel also does not need any oil.

What you’ll need to season a Gotham Steel pan:

  • Water
  • Paper towel
  • Soap
  • Cooking Oil
  • Stove Top

Seasoning Instructions:

  • Wash the pan using warm water with a mild dish soap. Do not scrub the pan. Ensure to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth. This will remove any particles or debris that could interfere with the seasoning process.
  • Thoroughly dry the pan with a clean paper towel. Ensure not to just move the water around into smaller areas. After that continually switch to a new paper towel until you are able to wipe everywhere on the pan and absorb any water.
  • Put your pan on the burner and heat it on medium-high for at least two minutes. The reason for this is because we want the oil we put next to be properly warmed up.
  • You must now choose the oil you are going to use. You can also use any vegetable oil. Cooking or vegetable oil is recommended specifically for non-stick cooking surfaces. Gently spread the oil around the pan to evenly coat the entire surface. NEVER use olive oil for seasoning, olive oil is light and heating it above its smoking point will cause it to carbonize on the surface of the pan, creating a dark-colored build up that is really difficult to remove.If you need a long-lasting seasoning, then it would be better to use groundnut or canola oil.
  • Allow the oil to dry for several minutes. The oil will form a thick consistency once it cools down.
  • Repeating this seasoning process every few months will help to maintain the pan’s integrity. To make your seasoning last longer, washing the pan with soap is not such a good idea.

Just like anything else, you also have to take care of your cookware if you want it to last longer and the Gotham Steel Pan is not an exception.

Here are a few important care tips that you need to know:

Only cook under medium heat.

High heat essentially damages pans. This is why you should only cook under medium heat so as to extend the lifespan of your pans and also ensure no damages occur to them

Never use cooking sprays.

When you use cooking sprays, there will eventually be a build up in the pan. This gets very hard to remove and in turn the friction caused in order to remove will damage your pan.

Store your pans properly.

Once your done with your pans, hang your pans. Ensure there is plenty of space between them. There is a very valid reason to this.

When you store your plans close together, on top of each other you risk damaging the non stick surface of your pans.


Avoid sudden temperature changes.

Exposing your pans to high temperature and then washing them immediately afterwards risks the pans to warping and damage on the non stick surface.

After using your pans, allow them to cool down first before washing them.

Do not use abrasive cleaning materials.

I am sure you’ve seen this for yourself before. The friction between these materials and your pans may cause irreversible damage to your pans. These includes scouring pads.

We advise you use softer materials such a soft sponge. In addition, a mild dish washing soap is also advisable so at to get the greasy material off your pans.

Do not use metal utensils

Spoons, forks or knives can cause considerable damage to your pans. They scratch of the non stick surface of your pans.

We advise to even store them separately from your pans to steer off from accidental damage.

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