Nuwave cookware set review – With duralon nonstick technology

NuWave Ceramic Non-Stick Durable Cookware Set Review

Enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen with a great set of safe ceramic cookware from NuWave.

See, induction cooktops is the trend in the kitchenware industry at the moment resulting in a significant rise in the demand for induction ready cookware. And that has seen several kitchenware manufacturers join their competition in the production of induction compatible cookware.

While the market has many models of induction compatible cookware from different makers, NuWave is among the few that have set high standards.

In its line of cookware, NuWave brings you a couple of induction ready cookware sets from which to choose. Our NuWave Cookware review aims to highlight the good and the bad of the cooking sets to help you make the best purchase. The NuWave cookware sets comes in different ranges and in this review we’ll feature the 7pc and 12pc sets.

NuWave 7-Piece Duralon Silver Cookware Set

The NuWave Duralon cookware set, 7 piece features the following;

  • 2-Qt stainless steel saucepan plus a glass lid
  • 3-Qt stainless steel saucepan plus a glass lid
  • 5-quart stainless steel stock pot with a tempered glass lid
  • 12” hard iodized fry pan

NuWave Duralon Nonstick 12 Pc Ceramic Cookware Set

The 12pc NuWave Duralon cookware set comes with;

  • 5-Qt saucepan with lid
  • 2-Qt saucepan with lid
  • 3-Qt saucepan with lid
  • 8-Qt stock pan with lid
  • 5-Qt Dutch oven with lid
  • 8” Fry Pan
  • 5” Fry Pan

Features of the NuWave Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

Induction Ready

When it comes to induction ready cookware, NuWave has set the pace with the new additions in their line of cookware and this NuWave review will prove it.

NuWave cookware sets are induction compatible. That means they can work perfectly with induction cooktops by NuWave and pretty much many other manufacturers. The cookware sets can also work with the electric and gas stoves.

Induction cookware is such a big deal now. But how does it work? Induction ready cookware uses magnetic energy transfer rather than the thermal conduction from a naked flame or an electrical heating element. That makes it possible to cook quickly, evenly and safely.

The outer steel surfaces of the cooking pots and the pans do not overheat. You can handle your pots and pans without worrying about burning your hands. Also, the food spills and stains do not stick to the surface meaning it’s easy to clean the cookware and keep your working area clean.

For the make cookware sets to work on induction ranges, NuWave fits a magnetic field disk at the bottom of the pots and pans.

Energy Efficient

While the induction heating element offers a heating performance comparable to the gas burner, it’s more energy efficient.

Usually, the pot heats the surface of the cooker and does not reach hazardous temperatures. That promises better control of the cooking temperature since the temperature of the cooking surface matches that of the pot.

And when a pot is not present or not large enough, the control system normally tones or shuts down the element.

Fast-Cooking & Easy Cleaning

With the NuWave Ceramic Cookware set, you can cut the time you spend cooking in the kitchen. Heat gets transferred using magnetic energy instead of the naked flame, a property that allows you to cook fast.

Further, the use of aluminum as a core guarantees remarkable thermal conductivity which translates to quick heat transfer throughout the cookware.

If you happen to have guests over or some other critical commitments to attend to, then you’re sure to spend more time with the visitors and be in time for your other important affairs.


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The safety of cooking utensils is of much importance. NuWave Duralon Cookware has a cool to the touch stainless steel handle that guarantees you the peace of mind when handling a pot containing hot food.

Besides, the pots and pans are oven safe and can withstand temperatures as high as 900°F. However, when simmering for a quite a while, be sure to use a pot holder or a damp towel as the handles can get hot at such extreme temperatures. Also, remove the glass lids when the oven temperature is tuned to 450°F and beyond.

Even better, the NuWave uses eco-friendly Duralon nonstick ceramic coating free of harmful chemicals such as PTFE and PFOA. Why is PTFE-free such a big deal? PTFE is an abbreviation for Teflon. But what’s wrong with PTFE? If overheated, PTFE breaks down and results in ‘off-gassing.’ Off-gassing leads to the release of harmful chemicals into the air.

With the NuWave nonstick ceramic cookware sets, you don’t have to worry about PTFE. Your food will remain safe even at high temperatures of 600°F.


It goes without saying that you want your cooking set to last long. NuWave Ceramic nonstick cooking sets have been made to offer exactly that.

Crafted from an aluminum material for the interior and stainless steel for the exterior NuWave Duralon pots and pans promise several years of safe and fast cooking.

In constructing the set, the aluminum serves as a core. The aluminum used is strong but lightweight which means your pans and pots are not bulky. It also makes your cookware set remarkably portable.

What’s more, the aluminum material guarantees excellent thermal conductivity meaning fast and even heat transfer throughout the pot.

On the exterior of the NuWave cookware sets is robust stainless steel that serves to protect the outside.

Also accompanying the pots are strong transparent glass lids with steam vents perfect for steaming and which allow you to see your food as it cooks. The glass lids also add to the beauty of the cookware sets.

Moreover, the cookware set features nonstick Duralon ceramic coating. The ceramic is an infusion of both diamond and titanium. The ceramic coating allows for easy cooking as well as cleaning.


Everyone prefers a product that’s versatile in nature. NuWave line of cookware sets has been crafted with ultimate care to guarantee versatility.

Apart from their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, the NuWave cookware sets are induction ready and will work with most cooktops.

What’s more, you can use the pots and saucepans for various purposes. Use them to sauté, simmer, steam and many other uses.

Stylish & Vibrant

Most people agree that these pots and pans are worth every penny. They’re compact, functional and pretty. The ceramic coating renders the sets beautiful and contemporary.

Besides, NuWave ceramic cookware set feature a glass lid with steam vents which promises even more glory. If you want a great addition to your kitchenware, then the NuWave cookware set should be top on your shopping list.


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Pros of Nuwave Cookware

  • They cookware sets are induction compatible and will work with cooktops from different manufacturers
  • Simple to clean thanks to the Duralon ceramic coating that prevents food spills from sticking
  • Uses light yet robust aluminum for the inside and strong steel for the inside
  • With the smooth ceramic and glass lid, NuWave cookware sets offer a class for modern homes
  • Easy and fast cooking. The ceramic cookware sets transfer heat by magnetic energy which guarantees even heat distribution and fast cooking
  • They’re energy efficient. NuWave cookware sets ensure that the temperature of pots and pans equal that of the heating surface and no heat energy gets wasted
  • The cookware pots and pans serve several purposes including steaming, simmering, and more
  • Safe to handle. NuWave pots and pans have cool to the touch steel outer surface
  • PTFE and PFOA free. That makes them cookware sets safe for use in the kitchen

Cons of Nuwave Cookware

  • 12’ fry pan sold with the 7pc NuWave set has no lid. But you can buy it separately
  • Not dishwasher safe. Manual washing recommended

The Verdict

Overall, NuWave Ceramic Cookware Set is an excellent addition to any modern kitchen. They’re the best if you’re health conscious and are looking to enhance efficiency when cooking and cut the amount of oil you use for your meals.

In our NuWave Cookware review, we’ve highlighted some of best features of the cooking sets. The steel-aluminum construction guarantees an extended duration of use. The Duralon ceramic coating on the pots and pans prevents the food spills from sticking, which keeps the pots clean and beautiful.

What’s more, the pots have been crafted with your safety in mind thanks to the PTFE & PFOA free ceramic coating and the cool to the touch stainless steel.

And since the cookware sets are induction compatible, the unit can work with cooktops from most manufacturers.

NuWave cookware sets are super versatile and you can use them for boiling, simmering, steaming, sautéing and much more in your kitchen.

Most customers are happy with NuWave ceramic induction ready pots and pans and have left rave reviews. Only a few are dissatisfied and the issues raise are non-critical. Get your NuWave cookware set now and enjoy your cooking.