Ceramic vs Teflon vs Stainless Steel cookware

Ceramic, Teflon and stainless steel are the most common cookware materials you’ll find in most people’s kitchens.

Ceramic and Teflon are non-stick cookware and they are commonly used for frying eggs and other delicate foodstuff. Stainless steel cookware is much more durable and they can be a reliable workhorse in your kitchen.

Ceramic vs Teflon cookware

  • Ceramic on stick is better than that of Teflon cookware in the sense that when subjected to a certain temperature Teflon emits toxic fumes that can lead to health problems. This is because ceramic cookware tends to be lead, cadmium, PFOA and PTFE free. A ceramic coating like Thermolon, which is used in the GreenPan, is made of natural minerals. So, there is no danger of it leaching toxic substances into your food and in the air that you breathe while you cook.
  • Both Teflon and ceramic non-stick pans need certain care to extend the life of their nonstick surface. Deteriorating surfaces happen with ceramic coated pans just as easily as they do with Teflon pans with use over time.
  • To avoid scratching Teflon or ceramic coated pans, use only bamboo or wooden spoons, nylon spatulas, or other utensils suited to non-stick cookware.
  • While many nonstick pans claim to be dishwasher safe, the high temperatures and abrasive detergents used in dishwashers are not good for the nonstick coating. Eventually, enough washes in a dishwasher will degrade the pan and shorten its lifespan. That leaves you to wash them by hand.
  • When comparing the prices of ceramic vs. Teflon coated non-stick cookware, Teflon pans, due to their wide availability and ease of creation, are typically less expensive than ceramic pans of similar quality.

When Ceramic Cookware Is Best?

  • If you want to keep a chemical-free environment.
  • If you want to be able to cook on multiple surfaces.

When Teflon Cookware Is Best?

  • If you are cooking foods that do not require high heat.
  • If you want to bake, broil, or roast an item at or below 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ceramic vs stainless steel cookware

Majorly ceramic is non-stick whereas stainless steel is not non-stick

Benefits of stainless steel over ceramic cookware

  • Ceramic cookware requires the user to be very strict with the temperatures he or she exposes the cookware to while when cooking with stainless steel you have freedom to cook at desired temperatures
  • It is highly advised that you should avoid using metal utensils on ceramic cookware, when using stainless steel, you can use it with metal utensils without worrying about it scratching and peeling.
  • In terms of durability stainless steel is preferred since due to fragility and losing the non-stick it is not peculiar to find that ceramic cookware needs replacement every 1 to 2 years
  • Quality does not come cheap, and so it should be obvious that stainless steel cookware will cost way much more than ceramic ones. You can easily get a good set of ceramic cookware for as little as under $100, but for a good set of stainless steel cookware, you might need to spend hundreds of dollars but in the end, it will be worth it.
  • It easy to maintain There is nothing much you will need to do to maintain stainless steel cookware as there is no coating to worry about. You will not need to do any seasoning to prevent rusting. Simple regular cleaning is all it takes to maintain this cookware, and there is no special technique required.

Benefits of ceramic cookware over stainless steel cookware

  • Cleaning ceramic cookware is easier since food tends to stick on the surface of stainless steel cookware making it tedious to clean
  • If you are after eating healthy and being in shape ceramic cookware is highly recommended since less oil is used when cooking using ceramic cookware compared stainless steel cookware

Teflon vs Stainless Steel Cookware

Benefits of Teflon over stainless steel

  • Teflon cookware is really great especially when frying eggs pancakes and other meals that require oils this is because you do not use a lot o oil therefore saving oils against wastage or misuse
  • Teflon goes further to help you cut on the calories in your meals since using less oil eliminates the fat content in your meal
  • Teflon cookware is relatively easy to clean off food compared to stainless steel

Benefits of stainless steel over Teflon cookware

  • Stainless steel cookware is hard-wearing hence very durable compared to Teflon cookware
  • The price of Teflon cookware is almost equal to stainless steel cookware. Stainless steel cookware is way better than Teflon in cooking convenience.
  • Stainless steel cookware can be used with metallic instruments without fear of the material chipping or peeling
  • Using stainless steel is safe and healthy since it does emit toxic fumes like Teflon even when subjected to very high temperatures

Ceramic vs Teflon vs Stainless Steel cookware

  • The different types of cookware do have their specific uses. Despite their shortcomings, it is still practical to have a non-stick ceramic or Teflon pan in your kitchen to whip up scramble eggs or other delicate food like fish when the situation demands it. Some food is best cooked with non-stick pans to avoid a disaster. Food that requires only low to medium low heat would be perfect for non-stick cookware.
  • A good stainless steel pan is perfect for searing, browning or stir frying. You can use high heat without worrying about destroying any coating in the pan although a good quality one can conduct heat extremely well that high heat is often not needed.
  • But if you are on your diet and looking to cut fat then you have to choose ceramic pans because stainless steel needs lots of oil, cooking spray, butter or ghee while cooking. And regarding clean up, ceramic and Teflon pans are easy to clean but stainless steel pans take a bit struggle to clean up depending on what you are cooking. Ceramic and Teflon have a non-stick surface that makes cleaning easier. Even sometimes just one paper towel can clean the surface of these non-stick pans.

In conclusion all these three types of cookware perform well in their way. You should choose as per your personal preferences.

However, if you have to pick one, ceramic is your best bet if you want something more affordable and non-stick while stainless steel is the best pick for you if you do not have budget constraints and are looking for cookware that will last a lifetime.

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