How To Save Money On Cookware

Great cookware is the cornerstone of any kitchen. Not to mention it can have a big impact on how you cook! The tough nut to crack is usually how to get quality cookware without breaking the bank for that. Here are some tips you could apply:

  1. Buy in sets

Whether you’re setting up your first home or are simply looking to upgrade old or worn cookware, buying cookware in sets is a great way to get quality pieces at a price that won’t break the bank. Once you’ve decided what kind of cookware is right for you, opt to buy in a set and you’ll find it makes buying cookware quick and easy.

Buying cookware in sets is a great way to save on essential pots and pans. Most basic cookware sets include two frying pans (one small and one large), two sauce pans (small and large), a stockpot, and sometimes even a few utensils, like a spatula and slotted spoon. When you buy in a set, you get everything you need, all together — and at a great price!

  1. Shop Open Box

Another great way to save money when buying cookware is to buy open box. Open box items are like new products sold at a vastly discounted rate because the original packaging has been slightly damaged. By checking sites that sell open box items (like, you can find luxury and name brand goods at a fraction of their retail value.

If you have a basic cookware set but want to add more pieces, shopping open box is a great way to add to your culinary collection, and an easy way to save some money in the process.

  1. Know When to Shop

When buying cookware, one of the best times to shop is from November to January. In advance of the holiday season, retailers often discount cookware along with other home goods. Couple already low prices during those months with all the bigger holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you’ll score name-brand cookware at major discounts.

Spending on cookware is an investment. However, you should consider buying cookware according to necessity rather than aesthetic especially if you are trying to be frugal. The products discussed are the most common cooking products available in most regular kitchens.

Budget Appliances

Food Processor

It is a versatile kitchen appliance that can hastily and easily chop, slice, shred, grind, and puree almost any food. This would be inconceivable if done by hand.

Therefore since a food processor can perform multiple chores, it saves up on time and money immensely. Cheap food processors will have limited usages and will be prone to frequent if not often breakdowns. This will severely derail your capabilities to cook.

Hence, invest in a good food processor since its lifetime will be long and it will also be a real work horse. In addition, do check on the functionalities of the food processor.

Normally we’d recommend getting a food processor that has juicer, mixer, grinder, whipper and kneader functionalities.

This will save on money in the long run.

Chopping Board

Although much of the chopping and slicing is done by a food processor these days, the versatility and usefulness of the humble cutting board is irreplaceable.

A high quality chopping board is absolutely critical to a kitchen. Hence you must spend a little more than you had budgeted for.

A Skillet

Research is essential in the subject matter of a skillet. This is so as to come up with a decision on the kind of skillet you will feel most comfortable with. And that will be most effective and efficient as a cookware for your style of cooking. So therefore, our belief is that you have to invest in great quality, sturdy, long lasting and may be slightly over your budget but that skillet will really serve you well.

The Oven

Invest in a good quality oven which can reach high temperatures. And has the functionalities of a grill, a microwave and convection

This can take a lot of burden off your cooking. Ovens are quite versatile and are long-lasting.

Cookware items you could save on


Most people when shopping for knives spend way more than they should. With a little bit of research and understanding, you can really question the heavy price of the expensive knives out there and save yourself a lot.

So next time you go shopping for knives, buy the ones that you need, not the ones that the professionals use.


Many of us are sucked into the argument of buying expensive food thermometers, little realizing that these have an extremely limited use and that the visual and other sensory mediums are the best ways to judge the cook on your food.

If you must, buy the basic ones, you will be surprised how infrequently you will eventually use them.

Cheap or expensive cookware?

To answer this, ensure that the cookware:

  • It’s durable -Durability here refers to stainless steel, cast iron and other types of cookware that usually last for years. Comparatively, nonstick cookware doesn’t last as long. So it makes little sense to spend so much on something that needs to be replaced after a short period of time.
  •  It’s function you are after – Go for function over style to avoid disappointment. Some people buy cookware for the looks and display the pieces in their kitchen. If you are particular about the style and looks, you are probably better off with mid-range pieces that are more economical to replace after they show signs of wear and tear.
  • You know what you are getting – While an expensive pan may be well made and of good quality, it doesn’t mean you will like using it. So, before you buy, check it out closely in a store. Lift it up and feel it in your hands. Is it too heavy? Does the handle feel right in your hands? Is the lid a good fit? In other words, a high-end cookware is only worth it if you enjoy cooking with it.
  • You have experience – There are people who think that high end cookware means trouble-free cooking. It is not, especially when you are switching from one type of cookware to another. For instance, you cannot expect a stainless-steel pan to perform like a nonstick. So, a $200 stainless steel pan is only worth it if you have experience cooking with stainless steel and you know you will like this type of cookware.
  • You will use it often – There is no point in buying cookware if it hardly gets used. If you do not have the funds for the whole set, pick one or two pieces that you will cook with every day and look for the better brands for those. Cooking can be more enjoyable if you like your cookware and they perform up to your expectations.