How To Decrystallize Honey

Most of us have come across the issue of having crystallized honey that always leaves you feeling helpless. The solution we mostly tend to choose is just disposing of it as waste; little do you know that you can decrystallize the honey and enjoy it one last time.

It is worth noting that honey never goes bad, and it is perfectly good to eat even when it is in a crystallized form.

Why Does Honey Crystallize? 

Honey is entirely composed of natural sugars and a small percentage of water. This means that the water molecules are not enough to hold the glucose and fructose hence separation and eventually crystallization.  

To make sure the honey is in liquid form for a while, here are some tips you can follow: 

  • Store it at room temperature in a glass jar with a tightly closed lid to prevent it from absorbing air that allows moisture into the container 
  • Store raw honey in a glass jar since it is less porous than plastic; therefore, it will not allow moisture to seep in  
  • Avoid storing honey in the refrigerator since it will make the honey crystallize prematurely, and it is pointless since honey doesn’t go bad unless it encounters water.

Ways To Decrystallize Honey 

Crystallized Honey

To decrystallize honey, the process solely involves heating, but it is imperative to keep the right temperature because going to high would destroy the precious vitamins and enzymes.

The heating method should also be considered. That is, do you heat it with a microwave oven or a bowl of water? Do you heat it in a plastic container or a glass one? 

Decrystallizing honey in a crockpot/slow cooker 

  • Place your honey containers and place them in a crockpot with water about ¾ of the honey jar container 
  • Turn the slow cooker to the lowest setting, and the good thing is that you can have the honey in a glass jar or a glass jar provided you keep the temperature does not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit so that it does not deform the plastic 
  • The crockpot we use on the low setting never gets the water above 115 to 116 degrees. If the water in your crockpot on the lowest setting never exceeds the 120-degree mark, just let the honey “warm” until all the crystals are gone. 

Decrystallizing honey in plastic containers 

If your honey usually comes in plastic jars, don’t be worried about how you will decrystallize the honey. All you need is a bowl of water large enough to accommodate the honey jar.

The key is to ensure that the water temperature is lower than 38 degrees to ensure that the plastic does not deform. Once the honey is in liquid form, transfer it to a glass jar.

Decrystallizing honey in glass containers 

The key here is to keep the water temperature below 100°C and keep it at approximately 45°C to preserve the enzymes and antioxidants. However, if you boiled it, let it sit for a few minutes to cool off, then add it around the jar with crystallized honey.

Make sure you leave the lid on and don’t pour water on top of it. Pour enough into the bowl, so its level is between the top of the honey and the top of the jar. Add more hot water as the water in the bowl begins to cool down.

Stir the honey frequently to ensure decrystallizes fully and evenly. The time taken will be dependent on the amount of honey you are decrystallizing. Only decrystallize as much honey as you need because putting it into constant decrystallization causes its aroma and taste to fade.

Decrystallized Honey

 Methods To Avoid Using When Decrystallizing Honey  

 Using a microwave oven: 

This method has a disadvantage in that the honey will crystallize within a short time under low heat. However, in a few minutes, it will crystallize again since it no longer under the heat of the microwave oven.

The best way to decrystalize honey for more than a day is by using the water in a bowl way. Moreover, the heat is uneven and difficult to control; therefore, the honey’s nutrients and flavor are prone to damage.

Putting the honey jar on top of the dishwasher rack  

 The wash cycle often hits temperatures which will damage the honey 

In conclusion, you will no longer find honey’s crystallization as a challenge any longer you are now equipped to deal with the crystallized honey menace.