Top Best Raclette Cheese Melters review – Portable Cheese Melters Reviewed


Across the globe, cheese is appreciated as a tasty, nutritious and healthy food.

In Switzerland and parts of Europe, the semi-hard raclette cheese made from cow milk is particularly popular. Traditionally, raclette cheese is served by heating it in front of a fire to soften it, then scraping it directly on to your food or plate.

In this modern age, serving is made easier by Raclette Cheese melting machines that melt the cheese for you eliminating the sometimes messy hussle. Simple joys like this really make feasting on your cheese even more delightful.

You simply place your cheese on the melter and once it’s warmed, you pour it over your food. Whats more, you are not limited to raclette cheese; you can use it to melt any of your other choice cheese (mozarrela, cheddar and more) and enjoy!

If you are big on Italian and Swiss recipes, then you definitely can’t imagine any your best dishes without hot, juicy cheese in it. From snacking on raclette to Swiss-style potato Gratin to simple French fondue or better yet a cheese party, there are a myriad of ways to enjoy your cheese and for that you have your raclette cheese melters to use.

Lots of great brands, designs and capacities of Raclette cheese melters are available to choose from, thus picking the right one can be a somewhat daunting task. We have narrowed down on five amazing raclette cheese melting machines to help you find one that best suits your need.

#1: Nutrichef Raclette cheese melting machine

Nutrichef raclette cheese melting machine is one of the best portable cheese melter machines ever produced. It is a cost-efficient, easy operational and lightweight machine.


The basic features involve the material that has been used to make the lamp and the complete setup. The material is completely well insulated to ensure the safety of the user.


  • There are many pros of this product among which the most favourite one is the adjustable angle. It is one of the features which is very useful as it can keep the cube at a very accurate position in accordance with the ease of the user. The adjustable angle also helped the user to scrape off the cheese directly into the plate and avoiding it to spill out somewhere else.
  • Though its an electronic piece but it gives you the taste of the melted cheese which was made by woodfire in earlier times.
  • It is easily placeable on any kitchen counter or table top depending upon the requirement.
  • One of the other favourite features is the ease of operation which makes this product different from rest of the others. It is a simple plug-in design burner which is meant to make the machine work smoothly.
  • The ease of cleaning this raclette melting machine has also made it a favorite piece of the customers till date.


When you think of cons, you really won’t have many as this machine is perfect from every sense. Even if we talk about the price, it is quite affordable of about 60 dollars but if you get offers, the price can come down to 55-53 dollars as well.

  • If you talk about a feature which might not be liked by customers, the only thing that comes in mind is the height of the lamp which is not very adjustable and can be modified as per the user’s choice.

Even if you compare all the pros and cons of this product, you shall see that pros side is heavier than the cons side. So what are you waiting for? Go buy one and host one of the best weekend parties and serve all your guests with your hilarious cooking skills and garnish it with Nutrichef cheese melter’s cheese.

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#2: Boska Holland Light Raclette

This is one of the pans which can make your work really easier when you have many guests at your home and you have to make such good dishes all drowned in cheese. This pan can be really very useful for these situations.


The features of this set includes enamel coated pan which keeps it completely safe and easy to use. A wooden handle so that you don’t get your hands burnt while using it and plastic spatula to either scrape off the cheese or turning the cheese flat over and over.


The pros of the product include the parts that have been designed so well by keeping in mind the safety of the user. The pan is made nonsticky by the enamel coating that has been discussed earlier. It is done in order to make the cheese float out easily into the plate or the dist that you want to pour it over. The design of this item is completely foldable and it makes it really portable and easy to handle it everywhere. The product has been kept simple to handle and the heating process is done by candle and not by any lighter fluid or cords. Even the price of this product is pretty less and about 25 dollars per set.


The cons are not much but one of the very few can be the size of the pan. It is smaller and if you require it a big platter at times, then it might create a problem.

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#3: Boska Holland raclette

This is the product you have been waiting for to make those dishes tastier by garnishing them with melted cheese.


It is also having a lamp, a fixed stand whose angle can be changed according to the usage and the simple plug-in point. The product is mostly compatible with the half cake of cheese but not the full one all at once.


There are many favorite features but the favorite ones are the safety measures that have been kept in it. From insulated material usage to the plastic coating, everything about this product is amazing. You can really make those dishes of yours by pouring the melted cheese in traditional Swiss fashion. Hosting a friends dinner won’t be a headache with this product by your side. You shall win the hearts of all the guest in the party but the only thing that you have to do is to keep the machine out of the house because cheese gives out a very foul smell when melted but it settles after some time. It’s better to keep the machine near a window at least if you cant keep it out then.


There are not many cons related to this product as of now but still if we go into details, we shall see that the product is only feasible for a half-wheel of cheese. It is not meant for a full wheel which can be upgraded in the next model. Another thing to be improved is to make the height of the lamp adjustable according to the size of the cheese wheel.

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#4: TTM Raclette cheese melter

It is one of the other wonderful products to melt cheese in a traditional way. There are many features that make it a favorable one to date.


This product is a complete one in all package where the parts are well furnished and designed to make the cheese melt easily without harming anyone. It includes a cheese holder which can hold a quarter or a half wheel of cheese at one time. The base is sturdy and the light mechanism used here is quartz. It is one of the best culinary equipment in all over the world with the professionally qualified tools and equipment.


Pros include the mechanism that has been adopted in this product. Also, the energy usage is less and only of 110 V which is lesser than the rest of them which use 220V. The product has got all the positive reviews from the customers who have bought it to date. This also gives the proof of the authenticity and accuracy of the product. Even the parts of this product are well enough for long-term working and are completely non-sticky which makes them an easy good to clean every time. They are of great help when it comes to hosting a party involving a large number of people at once. This product can keep all your needs taken care of and you wouldn’t have a room for complaint anytime anywhere.


There are not many cons in the product as the designing has been done almost perfectly. The only thing that can come under the cons section Is the price which is quite high. Its 289 dollars which are quite high for the design but it is also said that the price is worth the product’s efficiency. The thing to be kept here in mind while using the product is that the cheese melting process should be done outside the kitchen or at least at any window because of the smell which is really disturbing.

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#5: Bron-Coucke Quarter round raclette machine

The Bron-coke machine is specially used only for the quarter wheel of cheese and not even for the half wheel. The features of this product are awesome and are listed below.


This product has got an inverted v-shape design which makes it a unique piece of engineering. You just have to fit the cheese piece and on one side the heat bulb shall glow to make the cheese melt very easily and faster. This whole product is made of powder-coated steel which makes it even safer to bring in use. The dish where you want to pour the cheese can be kept diagonally below the cheese wheel and the melted layer can be scrapped out easily directly into the plate.


The pros, first of all, including the safety measures that have been taken into account. It is actually considered to be a life-long product because of the low voltage of 120 V used. Also, the parts are non-sticky and they work really pretty well for very long time and always end up bringing a smile on the user’s face. There has been knife provided in the product all ready to scrap the cheese when it start smelting or you see bubbles coming up. The best feature is the footprint design that gets carved because of the folding. You can completely rely on the product for hosting a huge party full of tasty swiss dishes and delicacies.


Again, this product is flawless in its own sense. There is knife already provided which is missing from the rest of the products. The thing that can be brought out in this section can be the feature of melting only the quarter wheel of cheese. The product can be modified to make it good for a half wheel of cheese. The other things include the cost which is of 339 dollars. The price is a bit higher than the product feasibility. There are not many things to include here other than the two already listed.

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How it all happens

Raclette cheese melters work very simply. They have a lamp which glows light at the temperature of the fire and a stand beneath it where you can fix the cheese cube.

The fixer is tilted to make it easy to scrape off the layer of cheese into the dish you want it all over on. After this, all you have to do is to keep your sophistication aside and eat it till the last drop of it is finished from the plate.

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The products that have been listed above are one of the best products ever made to melt the raclette cheese with such as ease. They are few of the best raclette melting machines ever and you can rely on them at any time when you are about to showcase your hidden culinary talents to the family, friends or just you know! Cooking for yourself. These products make your life easier and still give you the taste of the cheese which was made traditionally by Swiss people. Now I guess, you might have got the answer to your question whether you have to go to Switzerland to get the authentic raclette cheese taste.