Top Best Moulinex Food Processors review

Why You Need The Moulinex Food Processor

Food processers are basic kitchen appliances that are found in almost every household. They are way better than blenders as they have a wider base, which is suitable for solid and semi solid foods.

Sometimes people confuse kitchen machines with food processors.Whereas with the former, mixing tools are suspended from an overhead arm into the food, the latter has mixing tools operating from underneath the ingredients. They are good appliances for chopping vegetables, grinding nuts and grating cheese.

Moulinex makes multifunction food processors which are of quality and make your work easier around the kitchen. Moulinex offers a wide range of food processors, each with different features and unique in its own way.

Some include the Masterchef 8000, Doubleforce fp826h ,digital 1000W, Double force fp828h digital 1200W, Double force fp 824h 1000W, Doubleforce fp8221 1000W etc.

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Moulinex Masterchef 5000 FP520

Its power is 750W. The food processor can serve you in twenty five ways. This is also great as it takes very little space on the kitchen counter. It has a wide tube, making it easy for the ingredients being processed to pass through. You can adjust your speed depending on; whether grating, slicing or mixing.

The 1.25L blender helps one prepare tasty pastry and veggie purees. The pulse functions are good for giving precisions when one wants to get delicious dishes. For both thin and coarse shredding, the reversible disc comes in handy. This type of Moulinex food processor comes in beautiful ruby red and white colors.

Moulinex Masterchef 8000

This type is amazing as it has a 1000W power, giving one a lot of options if they want to be creative when making food. You can make mayonnaise, lovely cocktails, juice and the sweetest cakes out of this. It has two speeds, enabling you to adapt how to make the dishes, in the manner that fits you. The rotating whisk is made of stainless steel, which means you will make the best mayonnaise and whipped cream.

The centrifugal juicer is a plus here as it allows you to extract all the juices. The blend is a bit bigger, with a capacity of 1.5 Liters. This is for the tastiest cocktails and smoothies. All parts except the motor base can be washed in the dishwasher. Before plugging in this appliance for use, you need to wash in soapy water and rinse, then wait for it to dry. When processing liquid foods, ensure they are of room temperature so as not to destroy the seal.

Moulinex Odacio Food Processor

This is a must have in your home, I’ll tell you why. The Moulinex Odacio Food Processor allows you to have your fish, veggies, milkshakes, cocktails and all types of sauces. The I.5 Liter blender is a life saver if you have a large family or if you want to make your food in large quantities. The two metallic discs make it easy for one to slice vegetables and fruits and mince meat.

It’s amazing how easy it is to make bread and cake with the Moulinex Odacio food processor. The two retractable handles make the cleaning process effortless. It has as many as fifty five recipes, incredible, right? It comes in color white. You can use higher speeds for the liquidizer and the grating and slicing discs. When you need short bursts of power at the optimum speed, you can use the pulse function. This is a must have in the kitchen!

Moulinex Cuisine Companion

Don’t sweat it if you feel lazy to pre cut your veggies. This powerful Cuisine Companion delivers a 1550 Watts power to fix that, work is made easier and way faster for you.

It has a wide mouth feed tube, which can handle all sizes of vegetables. It has a 4.5 liter bowl that allows you to process much more per turn.

Its easy to clean as it has Dishwasher compatible – Bowl, lid, cap and accessories. If well maintained, it can last a lifetime.

It is available in premium silver and white colors.

You really need one if you like making

– Blended soups
– Some specific French sauces like Hollandaise sauce
– Risotto/Polenta
– Some specific desserts like custard
– Babyfood



i). It makes work easy: Sometimes one may have had a tedious day and just wants to have something before laying to rest. The whole cooking process may exhaust one more, and thus leaving you with the option of either ordering food out or indulging in junk food. Food processors are here to save us on such days. With just a few minutes and little effort, you can make your dish of choice, and peacefully enjoy a well home prepared food.

ii). Space: They have a ton of functions they perform but take the least space. It doesn’t matter how small your kitchen is, the food processor is of a small size, and has a light weight. It can be placed anywhere on the kitchen counter or table and still function well.

iii). Helps with saving cash: For the lovers of cocktail and smoothies, having a food processor in the house helps you save a little money at the end of the day. With your favorite right fruits, veggies or juices, you can make the sweetest drinks you want. This will save you the cash you were to spend buying the smoothie or juice.

iv). Saves time: Since it has blades, the food processor saves you time you were to chop vegetables or grate your carrots. It is also easy to handle, and literally requires no training.

v). Affordable: Considering all the work it does, the kitchen appliance is affordable in price. It is also easy to maintain and does not quickly damage if handled well. Once you start using, you’ll feel no pinch on the money you used to purchase.

vi). Aesthetic value: This may not be a reason for one to buy a food processor, but the food processor makes the kitchen appear beautiful and modern. The many colors it comes in may blend with some appliances in your kitchen, making the whole place attractive.

v). Baby Food: For women with infants, the Moulinex food processor is a must item for you. This will save you many trips of going to the store to get baby food, as you can make yours from the comfort of your home. The food processor mixes food, so this is such an easy task. This also ensures your baby eats healthy as he/she will avoid processed baby foods. Bananas, squash carrots, apples and sweet potatoes are recommended as first solid foods for babies.

v). Weight control: Since having a food processor guarantees one making healthy and nutritious foods, weight loss is another advantage that accompanies food processors. You will avoid foods high in calories, which are often made in restaurants by making your own healthy diet at home. Eating organic foods is way better than always eating processed foods.

vi). Time Saving: When hungry busy with school or office work, one only needs to choose the foods they want to process and plug in the food processor. This will help you complete your work on time, and still not starve yourself. Seeing how small the food processor is, you can carry it wherever you are working, it doesn’t have to be the house.

vii). New Recipes: Continuous use of the food processor will introduce you to new things you had not tried before. With different vegetables and smoothies, you can achieve this just within few minutes. This will also help you be creative and still make healthy and delicious whole meals.

viii). Saves Energy: You won’t need to move up and down the kitchen when preparing your food. You can either stand or sit on one spot, and watch your meal get ready.

Finally, with the food processor, you don’t have to worry about the number of people visiting you. Whether family or friends, the food processor can make enough meals for huge number of people.


i). Not good for light liquids: Does not handle some liquid foods well. The food processor is perfect for solid and semi solid foods, but may not give the perfect end result when filled with some light liquids.

ii). Noise: While making the food, some food processors can be way too noisy to the point of causing distractions. If one has a toddler in the house, the noise can wake them up.

iii). Sharp blades: When cleaning, it is emphasized that one be extra cautious with the steel blades, as they are sharp and can cut one leading to deep bleeding. Not everyone can clean this. Some have extra blades, thus require much time when cleaning so as not to leave any foods.

iv). Stains: If you forget to clean immediately after use, the food stains may stick on the food processor. Unlike dishes and other cutlery, the food processor can’t stay on the sink unwashed for long. To avoid this, you should always clean before you start any other activity.

v). Requires full concentration when being used: If not careful, one’s hands can get stuck while adding food into it. This can cause minor injuries to the fingers, and thus everyone is advised to not give divided attention when handling the food processor.

One may have questions on how to clean the food processor as some veggies and carrots stain the dish. It is advisable to clean the food processors immediately after using so as to avoid discoloration of the bowl. You’ll simply wipe the stained areas with a piece of cloth dipped in cooking oil, then gently wipe. You can then clean as usual. And yes, one can clean it in the dish washer; just avoid the mix drive unit, mincer assembly, the motor unit and juicer body. It is important to keep in mind how sharp the blades are when cleaning. These should be handled carefully. The machine’s glass accessories cannot however be used as containers for freezing or sterilizing food. Do not exceed the maximum quantities or the operating time indicated on the food processors as this will damage the appliances.


Though almost every household item or kitchen appliance may have their down side, the advantages of owning a moulinex food processor outweigh the disadvantages. This is an item any one, whether you stay alone or with a large family should own. Compared to the average blender, I would encourage anyone to buy this food processor. It has a lot of functions which the blender does not have.

Moulinex processors also come in a variety of colors and shapes (all of which are small), and the price won’t hurt your pocket once you decide to buy one. It can be purchased online, and any buyer should feel free to make contacts with the company for any further inquiries. A warranty is guaranteed for anyone who buys the products and finds any item damaged. I would not want to be left without the food processor as I for sure have seen how helpful it is in the house. It is becoming a basic requirement for those who get busy throughout the week, but still want to eat healthy.